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LightRider Stockhorse Bitless Bridle

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Ideal for stock work, camp-drafting, sporting, starting young horses, and trail or endurance riding. The noseband, headpiece, and browband are padded. Self-adjusting poll/browband placement offers more comfort for your horse.

Ideal for stock work, camp-drafting, sporting, starting young horses, and trail or endurance riding.

  • The padded noseband, headpiece, and browband offer more comfort for your horse.
  • Self-adjusting poll/browband placement as they rotate around the headpiece ring. 
  • The noseband sits higher like a cavesson so doesn’t need to be tight, allowing the horses to eat and drink easily.
  • Multi-purpose for leading/lunging or the connector strap can be removed for ridden show classes. Also a great option for showing in leadline classes. 
  • DO NOT USE FOR TYING UP - like all leather bridles, it will break if tied solid (even to baling twine). 

Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used.

90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self release the chinstrap easily for eating, yawning etc. 

The bridle can also be used as a sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before). Learn more about the use of the chinstrap here

Check the sizing guide to ensure you have the right size for your horse.  (exchanges are welcome but shipping is expensive!).

This bridle does not include reins because it allows you to choose from the selection of LightRider Reins available here or you may already have reins you can use. 

I recommend you use scissor rein clips for easy change over to the leading ring which enables groundwork/leading/lunging or buy LightRider Reins that include rein clips to match. 

Take advantage of the FREE email photo consultation to check the bridle fit and sizing for your horse within the 30 day return period (from date of receiving). When emailing photos, please reduce the size to less than 2mb if you can. 





Comes in black, brown or tan in drum dyed leather or black and brown in Beta Biothane with stainless steel hardware. 
Sizes: Cob, Full & Warmblood/Draft

  • Made from synthetic (leather-look) Beta Biothane and quality drum-dyed (regular) or english leather. 
  • Stainless steel hardware. 
  • Extra padding on the headpiece, browband and noseband.
  • Maximum comfort around the poll/brow as they can rotate around the ring.
Brand LightRider
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Risk Free Guarantee. You can return your Light Rider Bridle (in clean as new condition - please wipe over with a damp cloth) within 30 days of receipt if you or your horse are not happy with it. See our Returns Policy for instructions. LightRider Bridles have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults.

# 1 best ever

By: on 23 May 2024
I love the bitless stock bridle. My horse loves it and it looks amazing on him. Fits perfectly.

Needs more holes in the throatlatch

By: on 6 January 2023
Exactly what I expected and wanted, except all the straps are way too long for my dainty Arabian mare, in particular, the throatlatch is much too loose even on the tightest hole, and I will have to try to punch more holes. I will also need to trim the excess off the other straps. Suggestion: offer your products in more than one size, or have more holes for greater adjustability. Store Owner's Reply: It sounds like a pony size would have fitted a dainty arabian head better which we do offer in the English style bridle. The stockhorse comes in 3 sizes. :)


By: on 30 October 2022
This Lightrider Stock bitless bridle is amazing. It is made so well, fits perfectly and the design is like no other bitless bridle i have ever used. I also purchased the noseband converter, and it is a total game changer. I had just purchased a new western bridle for my other horse and did not want to buy another standard bitless bridle and my boy was having to ride in a bit, which he put up with, but I knew he preferred no bit. I stumbled across Lightrider bitless bridles and noseband converter, and I HAD to have them. I could not recommend the bridles and noseband converter enough. Thank you Lightrider and thankyou Natural Horse World for your amazing service.


By: on 4 October 2022
I have used so many bitless bridles, every different style you can find. This bitless bridle is so easy to put together, with no poll pressure, and no cross under that doesn't release pressure when relaxed. Game changer and I will never look at another bit again. If you're looking to go bitless, this is it! PS... Super speedy postage too which impressed me even more.

Light rider stock bridle

By: on 1 August 2020
Great product & quality. I found this bridle really effective, no difference in responsiveness to using a bridle with a bit - a very easy transition. Easy to use, and well made.

Well made, fits beautifully

By: on 4 July 2020
This LightRider Bridle replaced a synthetic bridle that irritated my horse. From the moment my sensitive mare was fitted with this beautiful well made leather bitless bridle I was able to ride her as if she had always worn it. It is incredibly well made and adjustable in many ways which allows for easing fitting or changing if needed. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Love it!

By: on 6 January 2020
The leather on my bitless bridal it soft and if good quality! My rope reins are a little thinner than usual rope reins, however, I’m still very pleased with them also. My order arrived much quicker than I thought it would ( about 3 days ) I’m a very happy customer!

Love these bridles

By: on 7 December 2018
This is the 3rd lightrider bridle I’ve purchased. All my horses go beautifully in these bridles. I’ve tried a number of other bitless bridles over the years but none can compete with the light rider.

Lovely bitless bridle

By: on 10 November 2018
Love this bitless stock bridle so much I am thinking of getting another just for competitions. So soft and my horse is much softer in it. He is clearly comfortable in it.

Happy pony

By: on 13 October 2018
My anxious pony is so much happier in her LightRider bridle - less headshaking and no mashing the bit. Extreemly happy with the quality and fit of the bridle also.

bittless bridle and reins

By: on 26 May 2018
love this bridle and reins would reconmend 5 stars

Lightrider Bridle

By: on 16 March 2018
This item is the most pliable comfortable fit for my horse .. Durable easy care & looks great too ..


By: on 8 January 2018
This is the 3rd bitless bridle I have bought from Cynthia and all have been amazing. The customer service is A1 and very professional...

Leather Bitless halter

By: on 28 October 2017
Leather Bitless halter Perfect for my needs. Stays in place. I removed chin strap, not needed. Good fit. Soft backing on straps, soft contact on my horses head & face. Adjustable to size.

LightRider Bridle Stockhorse

By: on 9 October 2017
I do many activities using this bitless bridle, at varying gaits. With legs aids, just a gentle contact on the bridle is all that my horse needs to complete our tasks. When I first got her and she had a bit, she would always move her head away in a statement of avoidance ... never with Cynthia's bitless bridles. I am not skilled enough to use a bit "comfortably for my horse" so bitless makes me very happy, and it is evident with my horse that it is her preference; and there has never been any occasion when I have not been able to control my horse - and she'll stop on a dime from a canter with just a little pressure and my posture. I like the leather as it is very smart. My Natural Rope bitless is beaut also - they work just the same!


By: on 18 June 2017
Love the stockhorse bridle and especially the new chin strap cover! This is the 3rd bitless bridle I've purchased from natural horse world, and won't go anywhere else!

Lightrider bitless bridle.

By: on 8 February 2017
Fantastic product! And awesome customer service :-D


By: on 4 February 2017
I wrote a review saying I wish the chin strap would release easier but my mistake. I took all my reins home and weighed them on my kitchen scale. The reins I was using were to heavy. 300 gm or less definitely gives you the proper release. Thank you so much for making such a great bridle! Value is great! I plan on ordering another one.

stockhorse regular leather bridle

By: on 30 January 2017
I really like this bridle and my horse seems to like it as well. when I received it in the mail the chin strap was on backwards, other then that it seems a good value for the money although next time I'll splurge and order this bridle in the beta biothain. it has great padding where horses need it I just wish the chin strap would release easier ( I understand it's when they yawn or eat ) BUT it doesn't seem to bother her and I can always clip the reins onto both the chin strap rings and nose band rings. My horse took to this bridle right away and does great in it. looks great to! Thank you so much for making this bridle! everyone should ride without a piece of metal in their horses mouth.

The LightRider Stockhorse style is perfect

26 November 2016
The bridle and reins are just great, they are very good quality, and really amazing for the price. The reins are great and I love the clip idea. As soon as I dismount I clip straight into halter mode, the horse can feel the difference, its great for communication. Because they are on swivel clips the reins never twist so I never need to fiddle with them, helping both me and the horse to focus on real signals instead. In a bit his jaw was tense and so was his head and neck. He now has a lovely soft head and neck and amazingly his whole body is now soft. In a bit he must have had a tense body as well but I was so focussed on trying to keep control I never noticed just how tense he must have been. Bitless is a whole new style of riding, soft and focussed and so much more responsive. The LightRider Stockhorse style is perfect - quality leather, soft, doesn't twist, gentle yet more effective than any bit and kind to the horse and rider - I no longer have to work up a sweat arguing with my horse, my whole body stays soft as well and I am no longer puffed after a ride! Rose V.

Amazing Bitless Bridle!!!

By: on 4 November 2016
I was 15 when I broke in my own Arabian gelding with this bitless bridle (using natural horsemanship methods). He has the best brakes, stops and turns with the slightest touch of the reins. He absolutely loves it and comes to me in the paddock and puts his head down for me to put it on! I also have a mare who I used to ride in the bit, and she had terrible issues with bolting over jumps. I put the stockhorse Lightrider on her that i use for my gelding (very easy to adjust), and amazingly, she has responded very well to the chinstrap and no longer has issues with resisting to slow down, she is also going over jumps without leaping and taking off! I highly recommend this bridle to anyone who wants to ride their horse bitless! Highly recommend this bridle and any of Lightrider's products. Thank you for making this, best thing ever!

awesome quality

21 May 2016
I love this bitless bridle. I have plenty of room in it to fit both of my horses one who has a larger head and one who has smaller head. Plenty of room for adjustment.

I love the LightRider Stockhorse Bridle

13 December 2015
I bought this bridle for my almost 3 year old spotted draft . I have been using it to teach her to drive on long lines. I like the stockhorse version because I plan on introducing the bit with it, since it has the extra buckle on the cheek straps.

Awesome Bridle

By: on 20 September 2015
I purchased the Lightrider Stockhorse Bitless Bridle and found it to be an excellent buy. The quality of the leather, the fit and the look of the bridle are all excellent. My horse is so much more responsive and happy as a result of not having a bit in his mouth. Good work Lightrider!

Light rider stock bridle

By: on 12 July 2015
I have been using the Lightrider rope bridles on my two horses for many years. We do trail riding, stock work, endurance, everything! I decided to upgrade to the leather bridles and think my horses look great in them. One of my horses is halfway between a cob and full so I had to punch extra holes in the leather but that was no problem. The bridles look good and fit well and my horses look relaxed and happy in them.

Works well

By: on 21 June 2015
Bridle is a good quality for price (although basic leather a little hard until treated).

Love this on both trail horses!

By: on 28 December 2014
We have two trail horses who were used as kids camp and adult rentals out in Estes. Both had been jerked around for years. To them, having a bitless bridle is heavenly. And they're such good boys, they deserve to be pampered at this stage in their lives. So glad these bridles are available for our sweethearts.

Best Bitless ... EVER!

By: on 11 November 2014
I have the Beta Stockhorse headstall. My mares are both 1000+ mi endurance horses & quite forward movers. I have been racing them in an S-hackamore that works very well on the trail. For arena schooling I have tried various bitless options but none of them gave me the sense of connection that I have with a snaffle bit. I am so pleased with my new LightRider bitless bridle. Both mares respond very nicely in it and I am able to ride with a soft contact and good feel. I've only had a chance to school in the arena a few times since I got the LightRider but I've seen definite good changes in how my mares are moving and accepting my aids. I am eager to try the LightRider out on the trail and see how they respond in the more exciting atmosphere.

Just right for Jax

By: on 15 October 2014
First couple of days, Jax decided to take detours to explore woods more, but I really noticed how after a couple of weeks he listened more to my leg and the lay of the reins. We both love it now. It's soft after Neets Oil, very well designed, and perfectly adjustable. I feel good about him having it. We didn't meet till he'd put in most of his life at a trail riding outfitters, so he'd put up with a lot. Being in touch with him respectfully and lovingly is a pleasure. He's a big love, and deserves the best. Thanks to whoever made this bridle!

Soooooo Happy : ) we made the switch to Lightride

By: on 8 October 2014
Beautifully made, fits great,superb quality. We're loving it, we ordered the leather stock horse bridle which arrived within a couple of days. Also ordered the DVD as this is our first bitless. I found the DVD very informative and enjoyable and well worth the money - a must see if new to bitless. Ordered the split reins too in brown & gold to complete our overall great look. Thank you for such great products and service.

Best bridle I've ever owned

By: on 23 July 2014
My pony has a dropped palette so can't have a bit in his mouth. He is really happy in this bridle. All the things you can do with a normal bridle you can do in a LightRider bridle. The quality of the leather is excellent. I wouldn't swap this bridle for anything else. The sizing is perfect for my pony. I'm in the UK and the bridle arrived within five days. Also thought the price was good too.

Looks good and works well

By: on 25 April 2014
I ride my pony with a different bitless bridle, anyway so trying out this new one did not seem to bother him in the least (but then, I can ride him with just a head collar and reins) and he responded very well. However, I also tried this bridle on my friend's youngish mare, who is used to be ridden with a snaffle and again, she responded well, at no stage did I fell I'd lost control and also, she did not lean on the reins (which she did once riding her in a poor quality Dr. Cook-style bridle). I bought this bridle for my 2-year old filly, really so it will be quite a few months before the bridle sees more regular action but the material and design seem very solid and the price is a fair one

Beautiful Bridle

By: on 28 March 2014
This is my second Lightrider bitless bridle and I love it as much as the first. The leather in this bridle is of good quality and is beautifully made. My mare Ginger looks fantastic and responds wonderfully well. She is so relaxed and responsive and I can honestly say that I would never go back to the bit. I'm going to start her foal with a Lightrider as well when it's his turn. I have converted my friend Chris and her three horses as well, all are doing so well, we are BIG fans. Thankyou Natural Horse World.

Fantastic product!

By: on 20 March 2014
I am very please with this bridle. It fits my Arab very nicely and looks really nice as well. I bought the leather stockhorse version. This is my first bitless bridle and the transition has been very easy. My 12 year old has always been ridden with a bited bridle and he responded really well to it. He use to "play around" with his bit and it would distract him from the job at hand. Now he is focused and relaxed. Delivery was very quick too. Thank you


By: on 16 March 2014
The best buy I've ever got! Completely transformed my horse in minutes! He stopped pulling, became significantly more soft and responsive, and just downright incredible to ride now! The bridle itself is exceptional quality and was definitely worth every cent I paid for it! Will never go back to a bit now! It's LightRider for me! :)

Awesome Bitless Bridle

By: on 28 February 2014
I have been riding bitless for many years now and have always purchased side pulls from the US, initially as it was impossible to get them here and subsequently because I didn't get on with the cross under bitless bridles. I decided to try the stock bitless bridle and love it. The quality is excellent, it fits beautifully and I love the fact that you can lead and it doesn't slip.....Excellent product I will definitely buy more for my other horses.

No Concern for Bitless!

By: on 1 December 2013
My 10yo TB had no concerns when I (and a friend) used the LightRider for the first time. He responded to all of my aids with the exception of no longer having a bit to 'fiddle' with. No worries at all. Two days later we were on a Pynegana Highlands feral cattle muster where he went flawlessly. I would like to see strap-restraining-loops by the buckles near the horse's eyes. There's one for the throat latch. A great product that I would recommend to anyone. -Randy Wilson-

This is really a great Bridle

By: on 26 July 2013
I am loving this bridle as is my horse is. I like the release and frankly I was unsure that I would but I do and it is good for my horse. The only thing is that my guy is a standie and is only around 15 hands - the large only just fits him. But it does and we cold have gone up a size if we needed to - but Cynthia went out of her way to help with the sizing

Beautiful bridle one hiccup

By: on 9 May 2013
This is a teriffic bridle as you know. The only fault I can critersize is the chin strap buckle, that gets caught on the rings so as to pull from the near side not the far side as it should. I think maybe a fixed size chin strap that is stitched instead of a buckle might be more appropriate. Store Owner: We started with a fixed chinstrap but that didn't allow any adjustment. It sounds like your chinstrap is way too long if the buckle is getting caught (or the buckle is not centred).


By: on 8 April 2013

Love this horses love it too!

28 March 2013
This is my 2nd bitless bridle. I am a fan of this equipment and so are all of my horses. I have 3 quarter horses and 1 gaited horse, they all respond great to the bitless bridle.

Not so spooky

By: on 22 March 2013
Very happy with this bridle so is my boy. He is usually very spooked after riding with my rope halter underneath my bridle with bit. I realised the boy pulled up a lot better with halter reins, inspired by Carlos Tabernaberri dvd - found this website, chose this bridle and so glad I did. Also took advantage of the dvd discount which has helped so much - highly recommend..


By: on 3 January 2013
I love the LR Stockhorse Biothane! It looks very neat and stylish on any breed (especially arabs) and isn't too bulky. Also, the biothane is super easy to clean.

Horse approved

11 December 2012
I rode with the halter and lead rope for a while and wanted something with more. I tried another bitless bridle and didn't like the didn't seem to give the release that is necessary. So I researched some more and found this website--read the articles and reviews and decided to order. Needless to say I loved it, my horse loves it and it gives the connection and release needed! And it looks great! Thank you, Cynthia - I keep recommending it to my friends.

Totally love the Light Rider Bridle-Stockhorse

By: on 27 September 2010
My little Arab is totally loving his new bitless bridle. He responded almost straight away when I first used it on him. So light and easy in the hands. Easy to put on and take off and looks awesome on him. Very happy with my purchase. Also bought the rope Light rider reins and they are beautiful and soft in your hands. Love that you can use this bridle to lead with as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Better conversation Bitless

By: on 12 July 2010
The light rider bitless bridle has given me the opportunity to have a real conversation while riding my horse, due to the absence of pain, which otherwise is caused by a bit. When a bitted bridle is put on my horse he becomes stressed and tense. Even before I place the bit in his mouth his whole body tenses and his head goes up. Now using the LightRider bitless bridle he lowers his head and waits for me to slip it on. He is also not afraid of being accidentally jabbed in the mouth and with his new barefoot treeless saddle the combination is beautiful. He is more willing to tune into me and concentrate on what I am asking. The LightRider bitless bridle also looks like a normal bridle which I love. Thanks Cynthia for a wonderful product.

Most comfortable bridle

By: on 5 July 2010
The Stockhorse bridle is fabulous thanks. I have ridden my horse 'Huckleberry' in a crossunder style bridle as well as a riding halter bridle, and yours would appear so far to be the most comfortable one from the horse's perspective. My horse usually has impeccable manners when on his own, however when with a group of 'mates' he gets understandably excited, and sometimes I have to apply more pressure than I would normally like, in order to get him to listen. So far so good. Yours looks lovely and fits him well. Thanks again.

I Like the LightRider Best

By: on 10 June 2010
"Just to let you know that I have fitted the Stockhorse Bitless Bridle and it looks great!!! It looks and even smells like leather! I had a look at one of your bridles at a clinic back in January. Since then, I've been doing some research and liked yours the best. I put the bridle on Wunjo at first I think he was expecting a bit from the way I put it over his ears (we've only been using a halter for the last 2 years), but once on he relaxed and we did a very small bit of ground work with excellent results. We'll be taking however long it takes before I'm in the saddle with it, but once there, I'll have more feedback for you. I'm looking forward to experiencing a ride with the new bridle. Thanks so much for taking the time to figure something out to help our horses have a better life with humans and for making it available to anyone who wants to try it out!!! "

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