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LightRider Euro Bitless Noseband

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Turn your bridle into a classy bitless bridle with this English leather raised noseband. Includes noseband, chinstrap, cover, and connector strap (back to the throatlatch) for leading/lunging/groundwork.  Fits most bridles including driving bridles.

Turn your bridle into a classy bitless bridle with this English leather raised noseband.

Includes noseband, chinstrap, cover, and connector strap (back to the throatlatch) for leading/lunging/groundwork. 

  • Convert your own bridle to bitless and save.
  • Gives you more options for fitting different sizes.
  • fits most bridle styles including driving bridles.
  • DO NOT USE FOR TYING UP - like all leather bridles, it will break if tied solid (even to baling twine). 

For those that would love to use their own bridle, the Light Rider Euro Noseband allows you to go bitless in your favourite bridle.
Make use of those bridles you have at home by converting them to bitless giving you options for more horses and ponies, and equestrian pursuits like driving.
Simply attach it to your bridle cheekpieces (fits most standard 5/8" to 1" 25mm cheek straps) instead of a bit, and you have a bitless bridle at a more affordable price.

Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used.

90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self release the chinstrap easily for eating, yawning etc. 

The bridle can also be used as a sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before). Learn more about the use of the chinstrap here

Check the sizing guide to ensure you have the right size for your horse.  (exchanges are welcome but shipping is expensive!).

We recommend using scissor rein clips for easy change over to the leading ring which enables groundwork/leading/lunging or buy LightRider Reins that include rein clips to match. 

Take advantage of the FREE email photo consultation to check the bridle fit and sizing for your horse within the 30 day return period (from date of receiving). When emailing photos, please reduce the size to less than 2mb if you can. 




The Euro Bitless Noseband consists of:

  • LightRider Raised Noseband 
  • Cheekpiece attachment slots 30mm wide
  • Adjustable webbing chinstrap with neoprene cover
  • Connector strap with leading ring (can be removed if you don't need to lead or lunge). 

Made from soft English leather in black or dark brown. 

Sizes: Cob, Full and Warmblood/Draft. 

Brand LightRider
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Risk Free Guarantee You can return your Light Rider Bridle (in clean as new condition - please wipe over with a damp cloth) within 30 days of receipt if you or your horse are not happy with it. See our Returns Policy for instructions. 
LightRider Bridles have a 12 month money warranty against manufacturing faults.

Light rider Euro bit-less converter band

By: on 3 January 2023
Looks like it belongs to the original bridle. Love it on my Clydesdale. It fits beautifully.

Light Rider Euro Nose band

By: on 13 February 2018
After discovering why my pony shook her head and all sorts of antics with a bridle, we found out her bottom jaw does not line up with her top jaw. IE monkey mouth. Putting her in a bitless bridle meant night and day to her and she is so much better. Thank you for the product.

More Focused

By: on 5 December 2015
I have really learnt to use my legs and seat more effectively. My mare is more focused in a bitless bridle than with a bit in her mouth.

Bitless Noseband

By: on 11 October 2015
I love the quality of this noseband! It was easy to convert my dressage bridle to a bitless bridle!! My horse does very well with this bitless bridle! I plan to purchase the new bitless dressage bridle in the near future and plan to show bitless in the US!!

Over the moon!

By: on 3 October 2015
Rode my Arab mare today in the Euro bitless noseband, just to say a huge 'Thankyou' for coming up with the perfect bitless solution. It is easy to use, seems fantastically comfortable for the horse, as she went so happily in it. Compliments her normal bridle in the way it looks and sits on the head. We usually ride in a rope marine braid halter or a bosal sidepull. These are good but the Euro is great.

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