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LightRider English Bitless Bridle

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Price varies according to the material type. Reins not included - please choose separately.


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Looks like a classy traditional bridle - includes a chinstrap cover. Ideal for shows, pony club, jumping, dressage, hunters, and adult riding clubs. Made from quality drum-dyed leather with a padded noseband, browband, and headpiece.

Looks like a classy traditional bridle - includes a chinstrap cover.

Ideal for shows, pony club, jumping, dressage, hunters, and adult riding clubs.

Designed for educated horses who respond to light rein aids. 

  • Made from quality drum-dyed leather with a padded noseband, browband, and headpiece. 
  • Stainless steel hardware for no rust. 
  • Removeable browband to change size or add your own.
  • The noseband sits higher like a cavesson so doesn’t need to be tight, allowing the horses to eat and drink easily.
  • Multi-purpose for leading/lunging or the connector strap can be removed for ridden show classes. Also a great option for showing in leadline classes. 
  • DO NOT USE FOR TYING UP - like all leather bridles, it will break if tied solid (even to baling twine). 

Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used.

90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self-release the chinstrap for eating, yawning, etc. 

The bridle can also be used as a sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before).
Learn more about the use of the chinstrap here

Also features an extra cheekpiece buckle to allow for a bit to be added if you need one for competitions, or for your transition to bitless.

Check the sizing guide to ensure you have the right size for your horse.  (exchanges are welcome but shipping is expensive!). 

This bridle does not include reins because it allows you to choose from the selection of LightRider Reins available here or you may already have reins you can use. 

I recommend you use scissor rein clips for easy change over to the leading ring which enables groundwork/leading/lunging or buy LightRider Reins that include rein clips to match. 

Take advantage of the FREE email photo consultation to check the bridle fit and sizing for your horse within the 30 day return period (from date of receiving). When emailing photos, please reduce the size to below 2MB if you can. 




Comes in black, dark brown or tan in drum dyed regular leather and Beta Biothane with stainless steel hardware. 

Sizes: Cob, Full & Warmblood/Draft - Pony size availabe in Beta Biothane as a custom order - please email us.

Brand LightRider
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Risk Free Guarantee. You can return your Light Rider Bridle (in clean as new condition - please wipe over with a damp cloth) within 30 days of receipt if you or your horse are not happy with it. See our Returns Policy for instructions. LightRider Bridles have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults.

Light rider bitless bridle

By: on 2 January 2023
Great service and a great product. Bought pony size for our 14h connemarra. Fits well. She is noticeably happier being ridden in it. My kids feel happier riding with the bitless too, as their pony is more relaxed.

Excellent Product

By: on 12 September 2022
I love Natural Horse World products, especially their bridles, top quality leather but so soft, very impressed. And the customer service is outstanding.

Lovely bridle

By: on 18 August 2021
Really soft biothane leather. Fits my horse well. Been using these bitless bridles for a couple of years and really happy.

LightRider Bridle

By: on 6 May 2019
Love this bridle! I like the way it looks on my horse and I really love the way he responds to it!

Lightrider bridle

By: on 27 August 2018
Brilliant, love the quality and my horse responds beautifully in this lovely soft bridle

Light Rider English Bitless Bridle (Leather)

By: on 19 May 2018
Absolutely LOVE this bridle and so does my horse!!! I discovered during a routine Dental for my horse that he had 2 melanomas, 1 on each side of his jawline right at the "bit seat" of his mouth. Needless to say, I will no longer put a bit in his mouth. I chose the leather option and it is an attractive bridle, also a good fit! Best of all my horse rides like a dream in it!!

Quality product

By: on 12 May 2018
I love these bridles and the quality is just amazing and in my opinion very reasonably priced. My horse loves it too!

LightRider English Bitless Bridle

By: on 10 March 2018
The LightRider English Bridle is absolutely beautiful! I use this bridle on all of my Off-Track Thoroughbreds. Being able to ride them in a bit-less bridle has helped them immensely as they transition off the track into their new careers. The bridle was supple and easy to adjust right out of the package. It looks and fits beautifully on all of my Thoroughbreds and I have received many compliments when using it. The added ring under the chin makes this bridle versatile as I can tie, lead and ride my horses without having to change their gear.

Riding Bitless with Lightrider

By: on 17 August 2017
A beautiful soft quality bridle. My horse loves it and riding has never been so relaxed for both of us. Really can't see that we will ever go back to a bit.

Light rider Bridle

By: on 14 July 2017
I am so happy to finally ride bitless!! The Lightrider Bridle is well made and designed,my horse is softer and more responsive wearing it and I am so happy to have metal out of her mouth.

Best Bitless Bridle I have ever tried!

27 March 2017
I have been riding/training my mare bitless for awhile now. I started her bitless in a rope halter. She was good in that but I felt we needed something that could provide us with more advanced communication. She was previously a barrel racer and that is all they did with her. She only ran and that was it. She would get very hot and would jig all the time in her bit. I decided we would do slow work until she understood she didn't have to run all the time and learned the cues that I was giving her in the rope halter. Sometimes in her rope halter she would get excited and it would let her avoid pressure, would not always be consistent and would slide around. I tried a Dr.Cooks bitless bridle but it didn't seem to give good release and she would get confused. While looking for alternatives I found the Lightrider. Since she was used to a rope halter and had her ground work down she didn't need much time to adjust to it. She has been a dream in it since we got it. It provides superb communication and the design is unique and provides good release. She doesn't get confused anymore and doesn't need a big bit to stop or have her listen. She is much more relaxed and listens even when she gets a little spooked.

Happy with bitless

By: on 24 March 2017
I just love this Bridle, great colour and very soft leather. Nice padding on brow and nose band. It was easy to adjust and didn't ride up when I asked for stops or turns. I have ordered another for my other horse. Thanks for all your support while waiting for it to arrive in Canada.

Lightrider Bridle in Black English Leather

By: on 8 December 2016
This is my second Lightrider Bridle, and what a beautiful bridle! My horse loves it and therefore I do too. Traditional look with a beautiful light comfortable feel for both horse and rider. It was seamless for both of us to adjust our style of riding (and being ridden) to this bridle. I love it and will never go back to a bit.


By: on 18 March 2016
I've tried a lot of bitless bridles over the years and this one wins hands down. Supple, great fitting, stylish, I love it! It doesn't spin up into his eyes- even with the noseband done up loosely- which makes a nice change from the various other brands I've tried. The beta-biothane was totally worth it too- easy to clean, looks great, and is kind to my horse's head and my fingers. Many people don't realise we're riding bitless at first, and everyone who has figured it out has been very impressed. My horse loves it and is much happier! I love the extra ring for leading too- makes things so much easier when out on the trail. Definitely a happy customer

Great Product

By: on 19 July 2015
Product arrived very quickly after ordering and was in excellent condition. I put it on my horse and it was a comfortable fit allowing my horse to be ridden bit less and happier for it.


By: on 26 June 2015
Love it, looks great, feels great and it's kind - doesn't get better :)

Best Bridle

By: on 22 June 2015
I was using a bitless system previously, but this has been the best product that I have tried. The horse took no time to get used to it. I have recommended this to my friends, and they have also purchased one. they too, are very happy with it.

Lightrider English leather bitless bridles

By: on 7 March 2015
I find the Lightrider English Leather bridles to be nicely made. Even Dafydd, who hates anything on his head and came to us as a head shaker and stumbling pony, is accepting the bridle, which evidences that it must be comfortable. He is even starting to stretch his head out low. I researched which bitless bridle to buy and am very pleased with my choice because my boys have taken to them so well. When I re-bitted Murphy a number of years ago he stopped coming to me within a week. My horses are still eager to come to me after wearing their bridles almost daily for a number of weeks now so they clearly have not formed a negative association with them. For this reason I recommend this product.

Good looking and gentle bridle.

By: on 13 April 2014
The bridle looks good and is nice material. I use it with both rings clipped together, better backing and gentler. More control and gentler than rope halters and cross under bridles. Only thing a little annoying is the strap that goes from the throat lash to the nose band falls off so easy, I am sure it will get lost unsaddling when out on a ride. Note from store owner: There's no need to undo the noseband for removal of the bridle, so the connector strap won't fall off.

Super bitless bridle

By: on 19 March 2014
Best bridle ever I have been riding for 50 years from campdrafting to dressage and I love this bridle.

English Style Bitless Bridle

22 January 2014
My horses seem to like the feel of this bridle and seek to stretch their backs and lower their heads. I have mostly ridden in halters before . I feel that the bitless bridle has a firmer more direct effect on the nose and communicates more clearly to the horse . The leather is soft and padded around the nose and the workmanship is of a high standard . I have decided to convert some bridles that I have had in storage to this system by fitting the noseband to them. The horse that I had introduced to a high quality ported snaffle bit seems less anxious in the bitless bridle than he does even in this most gentle bit . I recommend this product

English Leather Bitless Bridle

By: on 20 November 2013
I am so pleased with this bridle! My horse loves it and took to it with no problem. With no metal in his mouth to distract him, it allows for more pure direct communication through thought and and body. We enjoy our trail riding so much more!

Brilliant bridle

22 October 2013
Me and my horse are new to bitless bridles. It took a few days for me and my horse to get used to the different pressure sensation. With the help and advice from Cynthia we now understand better how to use it and we both love it. My horse now offers herself for her bridle to go on. This bridle is well made, attractive - to all intents and purposes looks like a regular English bridle (til you look closer!) and has been a revelation. Such a relief to say goodbye to the bitted bridle.

A New Beginning!

By: on 30 September 2013
Absolutely love this bridle Cynthia! The design is so close to a "normal" bridle that you have to really take notice to see that it has no bit! Which suits me being a bit of a dressage addict...the beta biothane (which I chose because I am vegan) is great - soft, pliable, easy to clean and nice to look at. My bridle fits my horse perfectly and he is working in it really happily. I can feel him gaining confidence each ride as he realises how much more comfortable he feels without a bit in his mouth. Even with the tension of some of the associations of old issues I can feel him realising that it's not the same as the past and he can relax more through his whole body. I am enjoying riding him so much...I can't explain what it means to me to be able to ride him again this way. The only very small addition to the bridle I would make would be keepers on the cheek pieces, just for neatness. But it is the bridle for me and I won't be using anything else ever! Every horse should have one. Kind regards Annie Galbraith (Northern Rivers)

This is the second one that I have purchased

By: on 30 August 2013
I loved the original one and this is for my friend who never ever would have tried one if she had not seen it on my horse and how easy and gentle it was for him, well done, thank you for making horses lives better.

International customer ..... I am so impressed!

By: on 4 July 2013
I took a long time deciding wether or not to order these due to import and postage costs etc. and because my gelding is difficult to fit for a standard rope hackamore due to his unusual head proportions! To anyone out there who is hesitant all I can say is I am absolutely thrilled with this bridle. This is the cheapest of the english bridles and it is super soft leather and perfect fit due to its adjustability. It looks wonderful and my gelding has transitioned from a rope hackamore to this seamlessly. My mum who is completely new to bitless riding finds this much easier to use than the rope hackamore. I am equally impressed with the rope LightRider, it fits very well (custom and parelli did not fit him as well as this one!) and the colour is gorgeous (brown and gold zigzag) and leaves no marks on his nose when hacking out.As we progress into longer distance riding I will have no hesitation in coming back to order the rope endurance and the leather western for my filly when she is ready. I cant see any reason to ever go back to riding with a bit and after a lot of research I think this is the best bitless option out there. Thank you Cynthia.

Bitless Lightrider

By: on 26 June 2013
A very good product! Am so pleased how well my pony rides in it. And it can be used for general work because it looks like a traditional bridle. I do all round work with my pony and it works very well - I would never use a bit on him again, we are both happier bitless. For anyone wondering 'where do I start to try bitless' just give this bridle a go! Good Luck x

bitless bridle

By: on 5 June 2013
Absolutely super on my quarter horse, he accepted it without question and I would recommended it wholly.

Light rider bridle

By: on 23 September 2012
I have had great success with the light rider bridle and would recommend it for educated horses . I am also pleased with its quality fittings and materials .

Thankyou again for your prompt services.

By: on 11 April 2012
Kust wanted to say thankyou so much, I placed the order sunday night and it arrived in Adelaide Tuesday morning and then out riding that afternoon.Just like to take a moment and tell you about the English LightRider bridle I bought last year.It has been the best investment I have bought. I have ridden in bitless bridles for the last 3 years and this bridle has been the most effective with a very easy transition. Thanks again.


By: on 20 March 2012
The LightRider English is for my QH Mare who is very soft. We started her in a halter and transisoned to the LightRider English. It works wonderfully, looks amazing and is releases pressure really well! We are currently riding with the LR English for Team Penning, at home and Trail Riding. Would look wonderful at a show. Great quality, fits really well!

Full control

By: on 12 July 2010
I purchased the English bitless bridle from you at the Equus Inspiration. I am using it on my 7yo arab who has only recently been backed and handled. He has taken to it like a dream, he is so responsive, he was running through the bit and now he is so happy and I have full control with your fantastic bridlle. I was recently in a situation where I thought there was no way I was going to pull him up, but I was able to control him so easily and there was no fighting. I am now completely sold on the bridle.

Very Happy

By: on 12 July 2010
I am very, very happy with my new LightRider bridle. I have tried a few different types of bitless bridles and this is by far the best I have come across.

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