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LightRider Bitless Bridle - Rope Performer

Includes rope reins & neoprene breakaway

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Ideal for trail riding, endurance, driving and for strong horses or those in the early stages of their education. Great for groundwork and tying solid like a regular rope halter. Made of top quality polybraid rope, antigall noseband - includes rei

Great deal - includes reins (matching color), chinstrap cover, and a neoprene breakaway

  • Ideal for training, trail riding, endurance/competitive trail, and driving.
  • Also suitable for groundwork and tying solid like a regular rope halter (with a lead rope - or the reins with clips removed).
  • Recommended for strong horses or those in the early stages of education.
  • This bitless bridle has stainless steel fittings and additional noseband padding (anti-gall material) to offer extra comfort and no rubbing.

The LightRider Performer is best suited for situations where the horse wears the bridle for longer periods, or when rein contact is maintained such as in endurance, dressage, eventing, driving, or jumping. 

Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used.  
90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self-release the chinstrap easily for eating, yawning, etc.  
The bridle can also be used as a straight side-pull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before). Read more about the chinstrap here.

Check the size chart here to ensure the best fit for your horse.

We offer a FREE email photo consultation to check the bridle fit and sizing for your horse within the 30-day return period (from the date of receiving). When emailing photos, please reduce the size to under 2MB if possible. 




Comes with black 10mm polyester double braid rope reins, a neoprene chinstrap cover, and a neoprene breakaway.

These reins are designed for lightness and maximum release of the chinstrap. See more rein choices here.

Rein Length: Cob=2.8m (110"), Full=3m (118"), W'Blood/Draft=3.6m (142") - (add a note to your order if you want longer reins).

See the quality of our materials and the difference between the Rope Natural and the Rope Performer bridle here.

Pony Size bridles are custom-made - we also offer custom color combinations - email us with your request.  

Brand LightRider
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Risk Free Guarantee You can return your Light Rider Bridle (in clean/as new condition) within 30 days of receipt if you or your horse are not happy with it. Conditions apply - see the Returns policy for instructions.

LightRider Bitless Bridles have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults.

LightRider Bridle - Rope Performer(Size:Full,Color

By: on 13 June 2024
This bitless bridle is great. My horse is responding much better to me. I love the colour and he looks great in it too.

Side pull adaptation

By: on 20 March 2024
I purchased the Lightrider bridle and rope performer for my stock horse. By recommendation I trasnformed it into a side pull and have been using it for 3 months now. My horse and I love it. It's light weight, great quality. The band on her nose and chin are soft and wide so there's no painful pressure when I have to pull. Having the parrot clips on the side rings are so handy as I can transfer the reins to a lead any time, including on a trail. I don't know if my mare was ever trained without a bit but she's 13years old and I was able to put the side pull on and head out. We haven't looked back. I do obstacles, trail riding a bit of cow work for fun. It got wet in the rain recently and didn't seem to absorb it like I thought it would. Highly recommend if you are considering this set up.

Highly Recommend

By: on 5 January 2024
Very happy with product, service and prompt delivery. Especially love the rope reins, easy to attach and work well when riding with light hands to give instant release when stopping/halting.

Winner of the best bitless bridle out there!

By: on 13 July 2023
My horse, Uno, and I love the Lightrider Bitless - Performer bridle. Have been using various bitless bridles for years, but they don't seem to give release as quickly or some even at all due to the long length of the ring that connects to reins and/or the crossover underneath the jawline. Not so with the LightRider. With the adjustable chin strap, I can adjust it to an inch at max. Gives like its supposed to. Uno noticed it right away. No head shaking and smoother transitions. Have used it for checking cattle, which is alot of stop and go. Then yesterday for rounding up some wild arse cattle that kept us on the chase for 3 hours. This bridle is the bomb! Love it. Will be using it for LD endurance also. Thank you for a great design!

Lightrider bitless bridle and reins

By: on 1 May 2023
Brilliant equipment riding my Arab in endurance with this bridle.

Light Rider Bitless Rope Performer Bridle

By: on 26 January 2023
Best ever. My boy has taken to it like a charm. He is so much more relaxed and enjoying his rides in the forest. Calm, happy, comfortable and no more shying or baulking. He is a new horse. Wish I had made the change years ago.

Rope Performer LightRider Bridle

By: on 22 June 2022
My horse accepted this bridle straight-up. It is very well-made, beautifully soft with a padded noseband, and I love the fact that I don't have to care for a leather bridle anymore! The reins are just right - light and with a nice feel. She looks great and seems to be just as responsive in this bitless bridle as in her usual bitted bridle.

Absolutely LOVE

By: on 7 May 2022
I have been training up my four year old Choctaw Spanish Mustang for over a year and started her in a rope halter/bridle which I love, but tends to slip a bit and wanted something more stable when I came across this bridle on a google search. I LOVE it, and so does my mare. It’s allowed me the gentle pressure with more stability so Im thrilled! I also love the craftsmanship. It feels great in the hands is neither too light nor too heavy. Perfect! Thanks SO much for this product! I’ve said before that you can have a horse with an amazing brain but without the correct equipment its all for not.

Thanks so much…it's beautiful!

By: on 19 April 2022
I just received my new bridle and headed to ride in a bit…SO excited! I love how well-made it is and until ya hold it in your hands and check it out in person it's hard to appreciate!! I'll keep ya posted on my ride. We rode thru cattle yesterday and a calf chased us a bit so Reyna bolted a little, but I was able to use the kind of gentle pressure I wanted without a yank at all and she had attention right back on me. I knew then I'd found my forever bridle! NEVER stop makin’ it PLEASE!!! You can have a horse with a great brain but without the right tools, it’s frustrating.

rope performer

By: on 7 March 2022
Ive been using the lightrider bitless bridles for some years now, and have just purchased my 3rd in the blue/black zigzag which matched perfectly with my zilco royal blue reins and breastplate, as always Cynthia goes above and beyond with her customer service and help, highly recommend!

Great quality rope bridle

By: on 26 August 2021
The quality, fit and style of my new rope bridle is excellent. my pony responds well to the aids and seems very comfortable, looks great too! It was worth ordering from Australia as this product is not yet available in the UK. Delivery was well within the expected time frame.


By: on 23 March 2020
After trying other bitless bridles unsuccessfully, I'm pleased to say that my mare absolutely loves this bridle. It's gentle and gives full release, but still allows for perfect communication, and responsiveness. The bridle itself is top quality, and very beautiful! The full size fits my 17hh Warmblood x TB mare beautifully. It's very adjustable, too! The reins are really light and comfy on my hands, and a generous length. Thanks to the LightRider bridles my mare is happier and more confident than she's ever been, and I've gotten rid of all my bits.

Perfect bridle

By: on 5 July 2019
I’ve tried a couple of rope halter/bridles with not a lot of success, so I was hesitant to try another. However after a few recommendations and having bought other items from the Natural Horse World Store I decided to give the LightRider bridle a try. The rope halter is a good, true fit. I have a Percheron X and the full fits him beautifully. The rope is soft but still has body to it. The reins are lovely, soft and a really nice thickness. My horse has been going really well in this bridle and I’m so happy I took the plunge. Now I’m tossing up between the leather Western or English version hahaha! The customer service was also amazing, I didn’t realise the bridle came with reins so I ordered a set. Cynthia was quick to email and offer a refund on the reins unless I specifically wanted two pairs. Couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend not only this bridle but any of the products in this store.

Back to basics

By: on 23 December 2018
Having broken my horse in initially in a halter, this is the best set up I have found that replicates that. He is so much happier and I feel I have good control, he is a happy camper. Thank you for this product!


By: on 13 March 2018
Customer service was exceptional, order arrived quickly and I am thrilled with the reins.

rope performer bridle

By: on 3 November 2017
my third bitless bridle from Natural Horse World love this product perfect


By: on 22 September 2017
Fantastic service quick response didnt have to wait weeks for my order thank you so much

Great product!

By: on 12 July 2017
I absolutely love this bitless bridle! I recently purchased my horse this spring. She's 21 years old and has been trained using a bit all of her life. Now that she's mine, I have been working with her bitless. She picks up the signals so well! The design is great. Using the chinstrap application works best for her. It's very subtle and releases pressure automatically. The rope is very soft and supple and the nosepiece is well-cushioned. My friend tried the bridle on her horse and was so impressed she is now going to order her own! I highly recommend this product!


By: on 14 March 2017
I had been using a hackamore for a standardbred mare who hated having a bit in her mouth. I ordered a Lightrider bridle after a recommendation from a friend and I must say I am extremely happy with it. My horse seems much happier and I seem to have more control with the LightRider bridle. Very well finished off and I think good value. From my perspective it was a great purchase.

Best Bit-less Bridle I Have Used!

By: on 19 February 2017
I am a horse trainer and prefer to ride and train client's (and my own) horses bit-less. I have tried several bit-less bridles in the past but each had something about it my horses didn't like. I recently began working with an Off-track Thoroughbred, Jacob's Lighthouse preparing him to compete at the 2017 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover. Jacob came off the track with a lot of extra baggage so I knew it was especially important to begin working with him in a way that would not remind him of his past track life. The LightRider Bridle - Rope Performer was perfect for Jacob. I can use the bridle as a halter while teaching groundwork with Jacob and then clip the reins on and start riding without having to change his equipment. As a bridle, the Rope Performer offers me the ability to take Jacob back to the basics without getting on his mouth, allowing him to stay relaxed as he learns to use his body correctly. The noseband and browband construction is great and keeps the bridle/halter in place without slipping or stretching. It is also very light weight and flattering on a horse's head. Jacob and I love this bridle and will be riding and competing in it.

Light rider rope performer

By: on 10 November 2016
Hi Cynthia, I had the English bridle before but bought the rope performer recently, I couldn't be any happier. My horse responded to it well and it is lighter than the English model (which I also love) but for endurance riding the rope performer might be more suitable. I found it very easy to fit and the reins are very light, I might just need to buy the extended reins since I'm used to longer ones. Oh and it looks good, too.

Too Easy!

By: on 18 October 2016
My 13yo daughter and I both use Cynthia's bitless bridles, we and our horses love them. We ride a 14h Brumby and a 15h QH respectively. It's such a great feeling to ride without the bit. If our horses could speak they would agree I'm sure. Aside from the feelgood aspect our horses are no different at all in terms of steering, brakes and general behaviour. They respond in the same way as if in a bitted bridle and that proves to me that control comes from a whole range of horsemanship unrelated to the bit. We are trail Riders and the flexibility of having your halter/bridle in one piece of great looking equipment is another bonus. Thanks Cynthia.

Beautiful and high quality product

By: on 26 May 2016
I tried many different bit-less bridles and the Performer is the best I could find for long distance riding. Two options for rein attachment, good control, beautiful material, washable, does not rub on nose, fits well. Suits dressage also (depending on your horse). I use them for my business (long distance treks for experienced riders) and all clients are always impressed by the product and how responsive the horses are without a bit.

Excellent product, excellent service

By: on 10 April 2016
We do endurance and I am sure I would prefer not to have a bit of steel in my mouth! And I feel pretty certain my horse agrees! I have full control and we do both legs of the ride in the LightRider. I use a slightly longer rein than the standard (full size on the cob bridle), and this is just great. The other benefit is with vet gate into hold, no need to change bridles.

perfect for my sensitive mare

By: on 15 November 2015
I was recommended LightRider by several people so I thought I would check them out. My mare has a hard to fit sensitive head and I have tried many bitless bridles to no avail. I decided to try the rope as it looked light and not bulky. I am really pleased with the bridle and the quality is great. My girl goes really well in it and it looks great to. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking. It's easy to fit, the noseband is nice and soft and the rope reins are fab. All in all a excellent product and great service. Thank you!

Wonderful for sensative Nation Show Horse

By: on 7 May 2015
I have been using the Dr Cooks Bitless Bridle for 5 yrs on my little mare. She has been very happy in it, but I have never been able to ride with any kind of contact. Suspecting the crossunder to be too much pressure for her ( she is VERY sensitive), I ordered the Light Ride Performer bridle based on the good recommendations I have read. I am very pleased with this bridle. Not only do I have light contact for dressage schooling, but it doesn't cause her to sweat like the beta material did for long distance riding! I do ride it as a true side pull. When the chin strap is active, she just won't drop any weight into my hands.

Just my favourite bridle ever!!

By: on 17 September 2014
I have ridden bitless all my life but these bridles really are the best I have ever used. My horses go so softly, with the lightest of aids.I love the fact you can easily convert them to a halter for leading and tying. Thank you!!

A really good and innovating endurance bridle!

By: on 1 May 2014
I really like, very nice design, great looks and my horse responds to it very well, both during training and races. One drawback though: I don't find the chin strap very convenient and it does not lie completely flat. One more thing: I live very far away from Australia and got the bridle in less than a week! Great service! Thanks!! Store Owners Note: The chinstrap should lay flat if it is used just with the reins clipped to that, not clipped to both chin and noseband rings.


By: on 16 April 2014
I am very happy with my bridle, it fits my horse perfectly and the style is really nice. My horse absolutely loves wearing it and he works so much better in it :)

Happy Horse

29 December 2013
Chester really loves his new bitless bridle. I just put it on him & off we went. Not a problem in the world. It was the first time he'd ever been ridden in a side pull in his 19 years of life. If possible he was more relaxed than before.

my horse loved it

By: on 3 June 2013
I used this bridle for the first time in a clinic over a weekend period. My horse responded extremely well, he is very use to a side pull and the transition to the bitless was no problem at all for this stock horse. He looks very smart in it and from his reaction he is also very comfortable.

Rope Performer - Performs!

By: on 9 May 2013
This is the third Rope Performer model of LightRider bridle that I have ordered. We have used two others for over a year. We love them and our horses do as well. We have a small club with three horses for recreational riding - arena and trail. These bridles are working very well for us. Communication is excellent and the horses are comfortable, calm and steady in them. We don't even think about 'control' problems as it's simply not an issue. Our horses will stop on a dime if we need them to and we have completely eliminated any discomfort-related hyper-vigilance or stress. This bridle was for our newer horse who was 'fussy' with the bit even though it was a very gentle snaffle. When he realized the bit was gone, we saw a new, more relaxed demeanor right away. Downward transitions are a breeze and they move forward freely with little encouragement - no tension at all. We have never had a run-away in any bitless bridle, including these. Quite often I put a beginner rider on a horse with this bridle and in the first lesson, they are doing walk/trot - no trouble at all with a focus on balance and full-body communication - and quiet hands are much easier with a more relaxed and comfortable horse! The more experienced riders can collect the horses as well as, or better than with a bit, with a more balanced and natural carriage on the part of the horse, who is not simply squeezed into a 'frame' as a result of avoiding bit pressure. We are schooling lateral work - going well with no difficulties - starting with a slight leading rein and slowly bringing it back to neutral once the understanding is there. Our club members are thrilled that they are able to do all of the activities and interact with the horses in a pain-free environment. The bridles fit well with no interference - the nose band is nicely padded and has the perfect amount of 'stay' to prevent rubbing across the nose. There is no rub mark after the ride. The chin strap provides the important immediate release - horses can move the jaw without restraint and wear the bridle to munch on grass after the ride. Each one has a good range of adjustability for fit. When they are dirty, we dunk them in a warm water bath, rinse, hang to dry and presto - brand new looking bridles! No mould - a real bonus in our damp climate and no leather which suits our vegan lifestyle. It took a few tries to learn the best way to put the bridle on as we were more familiar with the traditional strapping types, but we quickly moved past our 'clumsy' stage and have all become adept at the rope model. Humans and horses are very happy with our Performers!

rope bridle is nice - chin strap not so nice

By: on 4 January 2013
The rope bridle is very nice but I do not like the new design chin strap with the two rings. It makes the chin strap not lie flat. I prefer the old design with the buckle. My horse works well in the bridle. He collects nicely and is very soft. I got the black and gold rope bridle and I have received many comments on how beautiful this bridle is.

Excellent Bridle

By: on 14 May 2011
I recently bought this bridle having tried a cross under bridle.My horse took to it straight away. He turns much easier and stops easily with this. He leans on a bit and is hard in the mouth. He is much happier in this bridle. It is a lovely product , extremely well made and excellent value for money.Cynthia is very helpful and knows her products very well. It makes life so easy not having to have a rope halter on too.

Couldn't be happier

By: on 8 April 2011
I received my bridle and I couldnt be happier with it...I have had it on 2 horses a quarter horse that I had started in a halter and a very highly strung american saddlebred and both responded very well. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if eventually all horses were being ridden bitless. Thank you for your great invention.

Felt I had as much control as with the bit.

By: on 16 September 2010
So far I really, really like it a lot especially the dual purpose of using it as halter also. Have done heaps of research on bitless bridles and so many are fraught with hidden dangers in the inexperienced hands. Yours was the first I felt both the horse & rider could learn to use together with out causing serious injury or harm.

Much More Control

By: on 19 August 2010
It fits well & he went really well in it. Much more control than the halter I was riding in. Its really great quality and I am very pleased with it !!!.

Huge Improvement

By: on 12 July 2010
I just wanted share a photo of my beautiful Arabian mare Solange in her new Bitless halter/bridle. Doesn’t she look lovely and so relaxed?(she's modelling the blue Performer on the product info page). She is very sensitive and had started to develop some bad behaviours like opening her mouth, throwing her head and more recently threatening to buck when I asked her to stop. I had been advised to use a nose band on her to stop her evading the bit but wanted to find a gentler alternative to tying her mouth together. I first saw your bridle at Equitana and loved the simplicity of it but sadly it took me a year to finally buy one. The good news is that after a few short rides I can see a huge improvement! She is listening to my leg and seat aids more and the best part is her brakes are much better as she is not tensing when I ask her to slow and stop. We still have more work to do but we are finally making progress rather than getting worse and I feel much more in control. I have ridden in a rope halter before as I liked the freedom it gave her, but I found it didn’t give me the communication I needed and also had a tendency to mark her soft nose. Your bridle combines the communication that I need, the lightness of a halter and the comfort of padding as it has never left a mark on her - even after an hour long ride. So thank you Cynthia – you have definitely helped us!!!

Impressed with the quality

By: on 12 July 2010
The bridle arrived - I am sure impressed with the quality and the design :-) Both of them just felt so relaxed, I can't tell you how nice it was to ride without hearing my mare chew and chew her bit. When I initially got on, both of them tried to evade it as though it was a halter. After a couple of tries they took to it like they'd been ridden in it for life. I then headed out into the forestry for an hour on each. My mare was so light and responsive in it and has totally accepted it. My gelding was ultra fresh and just wanted to run. He knew he had freedom from the horrid bit from the word go and really enjoyed himself. I love being able to unclip the reins and let them go :-) I just love it!!!

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