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LightRider Bitless Bridle - Rope Natural

Includes rope reins

Rated 5/5 based on 33 reviews.
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This style of rope bridle is being discontinued as stock is sold out. The LightRider Performer rope bridle is the replacement and has the full colour and size range.


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PLEASE NOTE: This style of rope bridle is being phased out so the only availale stock shows when you select the size. 

Great deal - includes reins, chinstrap cover and a breakaway! 

Ideal for training, trail riding, endurance/competitive trail, and for driving.

Also suitable for groundwork and tying solid (with a lead rope - or the included reins with clips removed).

Recommended for strong horses and those in the earlier stages of being educated.

  • This bridle is usually well accepted by sensitive horses.

  • The rein scissor snaps enable you to quickly unclip them to make a lead rope and are removable for tying up and replaceable if broken.

  • The padding on the noseband is a soft, nylon material matching the browband to stop rubbing.

  • Has top quality brass hardware that is strong, durable and rustproof. 

  • Includes 10mm rope reins in black or to match the bridle (zig-zag colours). 

Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used.
90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self-release the chinstrap easily for eating, yawning etc. 
The bridle can also be used as a straight sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn't experienced a chinstrap before). Read more about the chinstrap here. 

Check the size chart to ensure the right size for your horse here.   

Take advantage of the FREE email photo consultation to check the bridle fit and sizing for your horse within the 30 day return period (from date of receiving). When emailing photos, please reduce the size if possible.


Hand tied from top quality Australian made marine grade 6mm polyester rope.

Comes with reins: All have black 10mm polyester double braid rope reins to match the size.  The zig zag colours have matching zig zag reins. 

These reins are designed for lightness and maximum release of the chinstrap. We don't recommend using 12 or 14mm rope reins unless your horse doesn't mind a constant feel on the chinstrap. See more rein choices here. 

Rein Length: Pony = 2.6m (100"), Cob=2.8m (110"), Full=3m (118"), W'Blood/Draft=3.6m (142") - (add a note to your order if you want longer reins).

See the quality of our materials and the difference between the Rope Natural and the Rope Performer bridles here.

We also offer custom colour combinations - email us with your ideas. 



Brand LightRider Bitless Bridles
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Risk Free Guarantee You can return your Light Rider Bridle (in clean/as new condition) within 30 days of receipt if you or your horse are not happy with it. Conditions apply - see  the Returns policy for instructions.

LightRider Bitless Bridles have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults.

Rope Bridle - Pony Size

By: on 1 August 2018
I feel the LightRider is the best bitless bridle on the market. I have the leather version for my Arabian. I really would have preferred a leather bridle for my Newfoundland Poni. Perhaps LightRider will introduce one in the future. Thanks again for producing a great product ! Sharon from Scarborough, Maine USA

Fantastic product

By: on 1 June 2016
I couldn't be happier with my latest purchase! All our horses now have their own lightrider bitless bridles! Happy Horse, Happy Rider!!

zero compliants

By: on 2 April 2016
I have always disliked the entire idea of bits, and this wonderful bridle allowed me to get entirely away from them. It is very well made but I did have an issue with a broken snap on the reins (horse stepped on it, my fault.) Went to the local hardware store and found them easily. Anyway, I am completely thrilled with this product and three of us at the barn use them. Everyone seems skeptical and says things like, "My horse wouldn't stop with it." They won't even test it out. I have palomino and ordered the brown/gold zigzag and it looks wonderful on him. Note from store owner: The snap is designed to be the breaking point on the continuous rope reins so they will break if used to tie up with or the horse steps on them.

Happy pony; happy rider!

By: on 10 September 2015
I cannot praise this product enough! My pony, Rosie, had only been ridden for a month in a bit, and while she tolerated it, she wasn't 100% happy so I had been researching bitless options and decided Lightrider was the best way to go. Popped it on as soon as it arrived and headed up the track on a familiar route (half expecting to have no steering of brakes!) and it instantly felt right. The communication between us was clear, she understood straight away what I was asking and she was noticeably more relaxed around her head and neck. And she is absolutely thrilled that she can snack on the go without a bit getting in the way! I bought this with the aim of just using it for trail rides and keeping the bit for 'proper' riding, schooling and hunting when I need more control. However I'm so happy with the amount of control I have, and how much more relaxed Rosie is I haven't used the bit once, and I honestly don't think I will with any horse again. I also really love the quick clips on the reins, and how easy it is to use as a head collar. And I've had so many compliments about how it looks (I have the purple one). Now if I could just get it in pink and brown so it matches all her other stuff that would be great ;)

12yo Ava loves riding Rosie 'bitless'

By: on 28 April 2015
Having spent some time reading about the many positive aspects of riding without a bit I suggested my daughter try with her Quarterhorse, Rosie. It's been a success from the minute we put it on her. Rosie is very relaxed, Ava feels great not to be hurting her horse and in terms of control, nothing has changed. She is a great horse and did not need the metal bit for Ava to have happy and safe times riding her. My other daughter and I are about to changeover to bitless riding as well.

Excellent bridle

19 April 2015
Soft, well made, enables great control.

Much happier horse

By: on 26 February 2015
My horse had developed a few problems with the bit (head shaking, drooling and he always playing with the bit), Donny would always put his head up high when I was trying to put the bridle on. Since purchasing the LightRider he is coming along nicely no head shaking, drooling, and I have also noticed he does not trip over as much. We are very happy with the LightRider bitless, Donny has no problem with having the bridle on any more and after reading all the articles by Dr. Cook and others we will not be going back to a bit.

was recomended by other buyers

21 January 2015
first bitless bridle we owned and tried couldn't be happier very happy horse to have metal out of his mouth responded beautifully

A very light, easy to use bridle

By: on 7 January 2015
- can be used as a halter to ride in but if your horse is a little strong can easily be converted to the bitless bridle for that extra bit of control so gives two great products in one - just love it.

Love the LightRider!

By: on 29 November 2014
I asked my riding instructor for a recommendation when looking for a bitless bridle for my 4 year old rescue horse in training for the first time. I had decided I never wanted to put a bit in her mouth, so it was important to me to find something that would work well for both of us. My instructor recommended the LightRider. I ordered online and was very happy with the ordering process and quick shipment time. I love the LightRider, and, more importantly, I think my horse does, too. It was an easy transition from halter to bridle. It looks great on her and she is very responsive in it. Great product!

Love it!!!! And so does my horse!!!

By: on 16 November 2014
My Brumby has always struggled with a bit - lots of face rubbing, extending his lower jaw - basically he was in pain!!!!!! We trail ride which for a brumby is so casual. I bought another "bitless bridle" from another company and was so disappointed - it just didn't work. I bought the Light Rider and it worked!!! He loves it and we have the most wonderful rides and he is so responsive - Thankyou!!!!

Happy Horse = Happy Rider

By: on 5 November 2014
I recently purchased my second Natural LightRider & I couldn't be happier with the result! Thank you!!

We couldn't be happier with our New Light Rider

By: on 3 October 2014
Happy Horse & Happy Rider :)

Love it - love riding my horses in it.

By: on 18 September 2014
Really impressed with my LightRider bridle. Never ride in a bit again.

Entering a new age of understanding!

By: on 16 June 2014
Riding bitless was something I never even considered until I bought a horse who has a severe rearing issue (not by intention). She seems perfect until a certain pressure in a normal bridle sends her into a panic attack. I feel much safer riding her without the bit, so when she does rear I'm not making the problem worse by hanging on /pulling harder with the bit. She is a very troubled girl from her past but hopefully we can teach each other to trust again.

Wonderful product

By: on 9 June 2014
I've been doing lots of groundwork with my horse using natural horsemanship methods and we have developed a wonderful relationship over the years, so I thought it would be only fair for him not to have the bit in his mouth. I did a lot of research online and came across Cynthia's natural horsemanship store. The bridles looked and sounded great, but when I actually got one, it turned out to be even better than I expected. My horse is really happy and responsive in it and as some other people said it's really convenient to be able to un-clip the reins and clip them to the ring under the horse's chin and use the bridle as a regular halter. Thank you Cynthia for all the great work you are doing for the horses!

A must have!

25 April 2014
I have never used a bitless bridle before purchasing this item. Having just bought a very young TB OTT I wanted to work with him without force. This bridle is so easy to use I had no problems teaching him to respond to the new cues. He is very responsive in the bridle. I enjoy being able to put on his halter and simply change the attachment of the reins to convert it in to his bridle. Very handy!

A very effective and gentle bitless bridle

By: on 11 April 2014
I have used the LightRider bridle on 2 horses to convert them to a bitles bridle. Both horses readily accepted the new bridle, in fact they seem to be much happier with it. The LightRider provides very effective control. In contrast to another bitless bridles I have used in the past, it is nice and soft in particular around the nose.

wonderful transition bridle

By: on 16 March 2014
I got my mare two months ago. She had a history of resistance and balkinesss so I did a month of Parelli groundwork before beginning mounted work in a Parelli halter. As I trail ride I felt I needed a bridle that would still be appropriate for a highly sensitive horse but which would allow for more subtle communication. This one seems to be working perfectly. After a day or two of crankiness (the new chinstrap?) she has settled in well and seems totally relaxed. ..moves forward readily and is very responsive to light aids. If winter ever ends here in the northeastern USA , I'll get a chance to see how we do in the great outdoors, but I'm pretty confident that all will go well!

fantastic working tool

By: on 19 February 2014
I have bought this product for all my horses- use it for the competitive horses on their off-days & outrides- comfortable & kind for horse & rider!!! For my daughters ponies we use it most of the time- the kids play games on their horses- this bridle gives her good communication with her mount, and no compromise to the soft mouths we have nurtured!!!

Love it and so does my horse.

By: on 29 December 2013
I bought the rope natural bitless as I had been riding in a rope halter and wanted something a bit more precise for my green horse. This bridle is definitely what we needed. My boy is so much more relaxed and happy out on the trail and we have even competed in a 25km endurance ride for the first time and he performed beautifully. The only problem I have is the brow band seems too big and tends to slip down. I emailed Cynthia about it and she emailed me straight back with a solution. Excellent customer service and excellent product :)

Functional and Fanatstic!

By: on 27 December 2013
After having tried two other types of bitless bridles I have finally found one that both my horse "Ginny" and I love. Not only does she look fantastic in it but our line of communication is excellent. I feel secure using this bridle and I will definately purchase another. I highly recommend this bridle to anyone thinking about buying one. :-)


By: on 14 October 2013
I am very pleased with my rope bridle, my buckskin sec c filly has only just been backed in rope halter and was going lovely and now we are using the rope bridle we are getting on brilliantly, very pleased, I went for the brown and gold and she looks real pretty in it, thank you.

We love it

By: on 16 September 2013
The rope bridle is perfect for my little Welsh mare who has only just been started. She seems to understand the cues much better than with the bulkier leather version (traditional bridle with the bitless noseband). Glad I chose the blue colour - looks so pretty on a dapple grey :) Thank you Cynthia for your consistently high-quality products.

Very Nice

By: on 16 September 2013
My horse didn't mind me putting it on. he moves pretty good with it. It's hard to bridle my horse. He always lifts his head and backs away. This bridle is easy to put on, and is like putting on a halter. I think he will do okay, without a bit.

After just one ride!

By: on 4 September 2013
My horse Ben is a beautiful black almost 16hh, 23 year old TBred who was not ridden for 14 years. Our journey together over the past 24 months has been amazing for both of us as he has progressed from a fearful,claustrophobic nightmare to a relaxed but still spirited trail hack. Together we built his confidence in the Parelli rope halter and associated hackamore and he copes well in this arrangement.I purchased the Lightrider Rope Natural though, because I am seeking a more sensitive level of head contact. I was delighted with the look and quality feel of the materials when I unpacked it and the black/gold fleck was just the right trail look I hoped for the moment I put it on. Initially I led him around just using the reins connected to both rings each side as a direct side pull. He responded calmly so I then connected the reins to each of the chin strap rings and led him for several minutes with no problems. Soon I was riding him like this in an open arena space. He was more responsive to my turning rein than in the hackamore and we managed trotting and a short canter.After 15 minutes I noticed his adrenalin rising though, and decided to walk him home. I think he realised that much more could be asked of him in this bitless bridle and he was uncertain about how much more! Unlike many horses from the reviews I've read who decide straight away that bitless is a better deal, I sense that Ben will take time to adjust. He has a holiday for 3 months while I am overseas but when we get back together we will resume the journey. Thanks Cynthia for a super product!

Very Impressed

By: on 30 August 2013
I thought it might take awhile for my horse to get used of this bridle (she is used of a hackamore), but she had no trouble adapting at all, if anything I have found her more responsive. Very impressed. Thankyou.

Very Nice

By: on 28 August 2013
Hello Cynthia, I find you LightRider Natural sooo.. great to work with! It doesn't ever cause my horse to sweat, even on 1-2hr Trail Rides! My horse responds very well in it!

Perfect for the pony, magical for the Quarab!

By: on 28 August 2013
Thank you a hundred times Cynthia! I bought the purple one for our Welsh A pony as she didn't seem happy with the eggbutt snaffle she had when we bought her. I also have lots of kids riding her, so wanted to give her mouth a break. She goes SO well in the bitless, is great for the kids, and I took her out on a long trail ride the other day with friends and had perfect control and communication. I also love the fact you can have reins and a lead rope off it too- perfect for learners. She was doing so well in it that I tried it on my very excitable, full steam ahead Quarab, who is hard to communicate with and gets very nervy. She was so different after one ride I was astounded. Calm, thinking, and responsive-- even with her 2mo foal under foot! After I had another small ride I decided to pop over a little jump (previously that rendered her uncontrollable for the rest of the ride!)and after 3 or 4 jumps she came straight back to a walk on a totally loose rein-- unheard of! I'm going to get a noseband now so I can ride her bitless in her leather bridle. THANK YOU AGAIN and highly recommended!

Happy Horses

By: on 27 August 2013
"I purchased two bitless rope bridles approximately two years from you and have found them to be wonderful. I use one for my endurance horse and one on my young horse, both horses round beautifully when asked and with the slightest of aids. I have had quite a few comments from people in regards to how happy my horses seem, and I believe that apart from being devoted to them, a lot has to do with not putting a bit in their sensitive mouths. Thank you for my marvellous bitless bridles."

Delivers a clearer, more direct message

By: on 27 August 2013
“I am impressed with the bridles. I have to admit that when I first heard of them I thought they were just another version of the “bigger bit” theory, however I now think that they are a very good alternative to a natural hackamore. I have had good feedback from the whole family, husband, 12 & 14yo boys as to how they like them. My personal opinion is that they are very good for novice riders and for using on green horses. This is because I have noticed that with natural hackamores novice riders can tend to twist the horses head when asking for lateral flexion. The light rider bridle seems to deliver a much clearer and more direct message when using it to convey lateral messages to your horse. It is also ideally suited to endurance riders as it can still give you a lead rope if you need it. All round the horses and humans all appreciated their new bridles. Thanks,"

Total control and 100% safe

By: on 27 August 2013
Kate was in one of her 'do everything at 100 miles an hour moods'- pulling, rushing and wanting to get home and as you can see she is a big strong girl. Well the bridle didn't miss a beat, I had total control and felt 100% safe. Thank you so much for letting me try it out, I am really impressed with it.

Bracing solved - much clearer

By: on 27 August 2013
Just to let you know how I am getting on with your rope light rider bitless bridle. It is great and I am very pleased with it. I was already riding my icelandic horse in a bitless cross under type bridle, which was fine for riding out on tracks and she seemed to like it, however when it came to tight turns or trying to get rein and feet coordination, she was bracing against the pull on the rein. I was not able to get a feel - it was a case of hold until she gave then release. The same when turning back to shut a gate (we have lots ) - a complete brace. However with yours it is a lot clearer for her so I just lift the rein and she moves over. Also I thought it is very good for riding out with one rein - just clip lead rope on and leave two reins on if you want. Wonderful. Thanks.

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