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Equi Horse Mineral Mix

by Balanced Equine - Carol Layton

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Carol Layton's Equi Horse mix is a highly bio-available supplement with the minerals that most horses are deficient in.

Equi Horse' mix was developed after a few farriers/trimmers requested it on behalf of horse owners who don't want to go the whole effort of testing their pasture and/or hay.

  • Equi Horse will help with hoof growth and quality, and you will see a difference in coat, mane and tail, immune system, ability to handle a high workload and general well-being.
  • The regular 2.970 pack will last 5.7 months using the standard dose.
  • The large 4.970 pack will last 1 horse 9.5 months using the standard dose (21c/day).
  • There is NO added iron and manganese which are harmful in excess and compete with the uptake of zinc and copper.
  • Rather than pass on high fancy packaging costs, the price is kept low by using a strong and durable, high-quality plastic bag. 
  • Suitable as a general supplement for working, growing and breeding equines. 

See the specifications tab for the ingredients and amounts. 

For more information see this article on Feeding Minerals. 


Equi Horse mix contains the following in a standard dose (1 metric level tablespoon)

  • 250 mg copper
  • 750 mg zinc
  • 5.7 g magnesium
  • 2 mg iodine
  • 1.6 g calcium
  • 1.3 g phosphorus

Comes in a 2.970g or 4.970 pack. 

Brand Balanced Equine
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Hoof Treatment (Equi Horse)

By: on 29 March 2022
We have been using this product as recommended by our Farrier and the difference in the horses hooves has been amazing we would highly recommend this product

Equi horse(hoof rescue)

By: on 30 May 2020
Fabulous product my thoroughbred looks fantastic I started him on it for his hooves but with all the minerals in this product His health and appearance is fantastic.

Equi Horse mineral mix

By: on 3 January 2020
I have been using this mineral mix for many years. My horse's coat is always shiny and the problem of hoof separation and seedy toe has been greatly improved, almost to the point where I can say it's no longer a problem.

Healthy Horses Healthy Hooves

By: on 18 April 2019
Have been using Balanced Equine Nutrition products for 2 years now and my horses health has improved all round. They have good coats winter and summer and grow healthy hooves which are easier to trim and shoe. The products are simple to mix with damp feed such as oaten/lucerne chaff and mix well with other feed products to deliver the best daily ration of protein, MINERALS and bulk feed to your horses. Highly recommended.


By: on 12 January 2017
Very happy with this product. I have been feeding this to my horses for about a year now including 5 rescues that came with terrible feet. Along with regular hoof trimming all their feet are amazing. Thanks for such a great product.

Hoof rescue

By: on 20 December 2016
Amazing product my horses feet are stronger a horse that was advised to be 'put down ' now getting back into cattle work after removing all shoes, after thousands spent on x-rays and corrective shoes, now barefoot and hard healthy hooves not to mention the super shiny coats on both my bay and chestnut. Very happy customer thankyou.

Hoof rescue Mineral Mix

By: on 8 December 2016
I am very impressed with this product. After using it for a week, I noticed a big difference in my horses coats, especially my gelding as he is prone to rain scald. Their feet are also hugely improved. I'm looking forward to see what my barefoot trimmer has to say on her next visit. I'm already recommending this product to my friends.

Rescued Hooves.

By: on 6 September 2016
My horses' hooves have totally healed after one month of trying the mix. I give it to them permanently now daily.


By: on 6 September 2016
I have now been using the Hoof Rescue supplement for my four horses for some three months. As a hoof trimmer I am very aware of the condition of my horses hoofs, and am always assessing their health and strength. There is a visual improvement in hoof wall integrity since beginning to feed the Hoof Rescue mix, and the equally important general condition and health of their hoofs as a whole is also evident. This mineral mix supplement does indeed complement the soil and pasture mineral content in our area, and the difference is obvious.

very good product

By: on 5 November 2015
My horses are looking the best I have seen them for this time of the year, glossy satin feel coats.

Fantastic product

1 October 2015
I highly recommend this product. I am feeding this to a 25 & 26 year old horses and they have the spring back in their step. Over the years I have fed them lots of different supplements but this one is the best! It has improved their feet, their coats, they move around with more ease. I have also started feeding it to my 2 young horses and it is great for them as well. It does not workout to be expensive to feed.

Great results for Best Guess mineral mix and now s

By: on 16 July 2015
Despite the fact that we have had endless rain this past few months my ponies feet are in excellent condition. Unlike previous wet seasons, there is no sign of thrush, their frogs are firm and hooves are strong and healthy. These products makes hoof maintenance and trimming so much easier.

I have only been using this product for around a m

By: on 8 June 2015
I had used at least 4 different products from grain multi vitamins to supplements and nothing really worked until I used Hoof Rescue Mineral mix. His feet had small splinter cracks to his coronet band and would splinter every time he was shod and if unshod he would crack to high splits which made him lame. I have been fighting this war for 3 years and he has been unrideable. In the past 6 weeks his feet have grown out beautifully from the coronet band even my farrier noted how much his feet have improved. Yesterday he stood still whilst he was shod and prior to this he was a nightmare as his feet were so tender.

I’m so happy with your Hoof Rescue mineral

By: on 28 May 2015
I just checked the 3 horses feet after an epic wet spell we’ve had, where they’ve not had dry feet for 2 weeks straight – normally I’d be staring at a stinky black thrushy mess, but their frogs and hooves are looking better than they ever have looked – not worse, and there is no stinky smell! Their paddocks are muddy and their track has puddles along it. Normally this would mean thrush in all 12 hooves/frogs. I can’t tell you how happy I am, or how many hours/$ I’ll save not having to soak and treat their hooves! I have literally battled thrush for years – it seems you may have solved this persistent problem for me. In addition to having better hooves, their coat colours have darkened up too, especially my dark brown stockhorse – he’s approaching black. So, so happy! Thank you so much for developing this “one size fits most” supplement. I’ll let you know of any further developments.

Amazing results

By: on 16 February 2015
I recently started my four horses on the Hoof Rescue and within 4 weeks of use there is already a noticeable difference in the new growth coming through. One mare who has had an ongoing problem with seedy toe is already showing signs of the infection clearing. Thank you Cynthia for making me aware of the benefits of this wonderful product and thank you Carol for producing it.

I highly recommend HOOF RESCUE.

By: on 27 January 2015
I have been using Carol Layton’s Hoof Rescue for several years now. My horses all have fabulous feet and they are happy and active horses who love to play and leap about. My barefoot trimmer is most impressed with their feet and they also have a wonderful sheen on their coats.

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