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Slowfeed Haysaver Nets

Q:What is the difference between your nets and other cheaper nets?

A: Most cheap nets are made from nylon which is not always UV resistent so they don't last as long.  Some are made in China where the labour is much cheaper.
Our nets are made in Australia from UV stabilised marine grade polyethelene so they are made to last longer in the sun and the water. 
Some manufacturers use a lighter ply netting (ours are all 48 and 60ply) which also makes them cheaper but we find it tears easier.

Our nets are made in a square/rectangular shape with square hole netting (rather than diamond netting which closes up as the hay is eaten) so the horses can access the hay better as it reduces.
Put simply, the quality is better and our nets will last longer.

Q: Are they any good for using on the ground as hay pillows?

A: Yes! we highly recommend using these nets at ground level so the horses can push against something to get the last bits of hay out, and its also a much more natural and healthy position to feed from.
You may want to tie the net (at one end only so they can flip it around to access all the hay) to a tyre, a tree, or a fence (where it can't be pushed under) so it doesn't get tossed around, rolled under a fence or dragged through manure.

Q: Is the marine netting safe for horses to play with and chew on?

A: Unless your horse has gaps between their teeth (as some very old horses may), the netting is very safe. If they chew on it too much they can make holes, but so long as these are repaired as soon as you see them, (with baling twine is fine but we do supply mending twine) the horse won't learn to benefit from this activity!
Always ensure that you have tied up the drawstring so there isn't a 'hoof sized' loop to get caught in, and only secure one end of the net so it can be moved around, rather than form a hazard when empty (if at ground level). Horses will find it easier and less frustrating to use the net if it is tied at ground level so they can get the last bits of hay by pushing against the ground. 

Round Bale Haysaver Q&A - Some common questions answered about round bale hay nets.

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