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'Wild' Loop Knife

Handmade in Tasmania

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This knife has been designed to suit everyone from beginners to professionals.

The Wild Knife is easy to use with the hoof pick as part of the blade, so it optimizes your time and efficiency when trimming. 

Easy to use - hoof pick is part of the knife.
Optimises your trimming time
Helps you investigate hoof pathologies
Holds an edge like no other knife
Individually hand crafted from premium quality steel with Tasmanian Blackwood handle. 
Ideal for beginners to professionals. 
  • Easy to use - hoof pick is part of the knife.
  • Optimizes your trimming time
  • Helps you investigate hoof pathologies
  • Holds an edge like no other knife
  • Individually handcrafted from premium quality steel with a tough, beautiful hardwood handle. 
  • Ideal for beginners to professionals. 

This treasure for your trim kit was designed by Jeremy Ford of and is handmade in Australia

The way the steel is tempered ensures it stays sharp and holds an edge like no other. The shortness of the blade and handle gives you the power and precision to tackle the toughest hooves. 

The pick serves to clean out the hoof before trimming and also allows you to investigate seedy toe or separation issues in a pathological hoof. 


Using the "Wild Knife" and a rasp see how easy it is to trim a hoof. Learn to do it yourself at a Wild About Hooves Workshop, with the Learn-to-Trim DVD or invest in the best tool for your trim kit, The Wild Knife, a hoof pick and loop knife all in one! 

Made from high-quality premium steel and hand forged, each knife is individually crafted by a master knife maker. 

The length of blade – is 45mm
Loop diameter – 15mm
Hoof pick length – 20mm
Handle – 13cm

Brand Wild About Hooves
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

30 day Warranty on manufacturing faults

I really like this knife. Makes cleaning the hoof

By: on 2 August 2022
I have found using it daily to clean out the hoof and just lightly scraping the frog and under surface has tidied it all up so well. My mare's feet look healthier for it. The point is very sharp so I use it very carefully. The quality of the tool is beautifully crafted. The handle is lovely in the hand.

The only Hoof Knife to buy

By: on 9 June 2019
This Wild Loop Hoof Knife is by far the best I've used, don't waste money on cheap ones remember 'Poor Man Pays Twice' or Thrice, so at the end of the day the Wild Loop Knife you only need buy once, it is very good quality and gets right in beside the frog as its a smaller hook to work with, the loop is great to work with as well. The handle is lovely and is marked with a burn in brand. Extremely Recommended, the only Hoof knife you'll ever need. I love it

The tool I grab everyday!

By: on 25 August 2012
Its the Swiss army knife of hoof knifes, it pretty much does everything, very well made also, I am no expert farrier/trimmer and I find this knife very easy to use and excellent for exploring separation, tidy up frogs etc. Highly recommend to anybody!

I absolutely love my Wild Knife!

By: on 12 July 2010
I don't need to carry a hoof pick anymore. The pick on the loop knife is far superior to any hoof pick and makes cleaning the stones and muck out of white lines seperation a breeze. The Wild Knife is a practical and beautifully made tool and I highly recommend it to every hoof care provider.

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