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HaySaver Knotted Round Bale Hay Net

4cm holes /60 ply

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PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA - 'the original and the best'. 

We make our nets with a square shape so the seam goes across the top and centre of the round bale rather than around the edge. This makes it easier for them to grasp the hay from the outer edges, and also stops them ripping the seam apart. 

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Slowfeeder haynet:

  1.  Stops hay wastage from trampling in mud, manure, urine, being blown away etc. 
  2.  Slows down consumption so the hay last 2-3 times longer and replicates grazing. 
  3. Suitable to use without another hay feeder for a natural grazing position, and can reduce the incidence of choke  (provided your horse is barefoot or is over 6 months old.)
  4. Gives your horse hay 24/7, saving you time on re-fills and keeps your horse calmer and happier.
  5. Hay in the gut 24/7 avoids gut ulcers and colic incidents and allows horses to regulate their consumption so eventually eat less.
  6. Older horses find it easier to chew small amounts of hay taken from the net. 
  7. Avoid eye injuries from horses putting their heads inside a round bale, or from tossing loose hay about. 

Please read the Usage Tips below before purchasing to ensure you can get the best from your Haysaver Net. 

The holes are just large enough for the horse to get the hay through without gorging (4cm/1.5" square) – making it last 2-3 times longer than when fed loose.
The small holes also mean little ponies, foals and minis can't get a hoof through the netting. Warning: Mini foals may be able to get a hoof through the 4cm netting and extreme caution is advised when using any haynet (the 6cm hole netting is not recommended at all) with any foal. 

Usage Tips:

  • If your horse is shod or has large splits in their hooves, it's essential to contain the net inside a hay ring or have a barrier around it so they can't catch a shoe/torn hoof if they paw at it. 
  • If the net tears it can be temporarily mended with some baling twine, then email us for more netting twine if you've used all that was provided.
  • When feeding round bales that have been stored outside, it is important to remove all wet or mouldy sections of the bale as the horses will not eat this (it can be dangerous if they do) and because of the net, they can't paw it out of the way to access the rest of the hay.
  • If your hay is very coarse or stalky, some horses may find it frustrating to get the hay out and so can learn to chew through the netting - if you have this type of hay purchase a 6cm Round Bale net.
  • It's important to offer enough loose hay initially for them to fill up on so their frustration doesn't turn to destruction! If you are not sure how your horses will go with a larger more expensive net, try a small one first. If a hole does appear, mend it right away so the horses don't learn to benefit from making them! 
  • When using a round bale net it helps the horses access the hay better if you tie up the loose netting as they eat the bale down. To see an example of this, and how to make a cover for your net click here
  • If your horse wears a rug with belly straps or a halter that has exposed buckles, please be aware that these can catch on the haynet if the horse rubs on or past it. Either secure the haynet in a hay ring or make a cover for the buckles. 
  • It's best to put the haynet on from the top down with the bale on its flat side, then secure the drawstring underneath so there are no folds or loose netting to chew on, however you can put a net on a bale sitting on its round side, but you will need a net the next size up form the bales you are using (a 5x4 net if you are using 4x4 bales). 

To put on a round bale net: 
1. Remove the net wrap or strings.
2. Dig out all the wet or moldy parts until you can no longer feel any heat or smell or mold. Horses will leave spoiled hay in the net.
3. This may involve peeling off a layer that can then be used for mulch.
4. With two people it's easiest to work the net down from the top.
5. Work it right to the bottom so the top is nice and tight.

6. Tighten the drawstring around the bottom, tie it and, tuck inside the net so that a hoof can’t get caught.

7. OR, Roll the net over to fasten the drawstring completely around the bale (tucking the end inside the net) and roll back so the drawstring is underneath. 


Click here for the Round Bale net Q&A 
For more info on using Slow Feeder Haynets and feeding systems click here.



These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre-stretched, UV stabilized heavy-duty 60 ply polyethylene netting with a sturdy 6mm drawstring.

  • Round Bale nets come in two sizes to fit a big bale measuring approx. 5'x4' (1.5x1.2m) or the smaller 4' x 4' (1.2x1.2m) round bales. We also offer a 6x4 custom net - please email us. 
  • 4cm square holes - nets are designed to slow down hay intake and are perfect for horses experienced with slow feeding. 
Brand Just Grazin'
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Sorry, we cannot offer a warranty on these nets due to the variables of use/types of hay and the unpredictable way horses will respond to them.

However we do provide mending materials for any small holes horses may make.

For the best results, be sure to read the instructions sent with the net carefully. 

Haynet great price

By: on 12 March 2021
Fast delivery, great quality. That's already the second time I bought hay net for my roundbales in Australia. You can not beat the price. The money exchange rate is very great for Canadian . That's the best price I could find . Can only recommend this company.

Great hay net

By: on 5 November 2018
Great quality net and good price. Have to test it a bit longer :)

Trialed & past with flying colours !

By: on 12 May 2016
A free pick round bale lasted 8 days with 2 horses with at least half wasted. The bale in the net is still going after 3 weeks. The horses have no issues with eating through the net. I have the bale sitting in a cradle off the ground. Net is checked & tightened as eaten down. Best investment.

Great product

By: on 2 May 2016
I endorse the other reviews, however all of mine wear rugs and no problem with them getting caught up.

not for my girl

By: on 3 March 2016
unfortunately this hay net didn't work too great for me because my horse wrecked two rugs in a week as she would rub up against the round bale when the hay net was on it and her buckles on her rug would get caught in it and as she would pull away she obviously was caught and ripped two rugs. I had to cut the net off my round bale after a week because I couldn't move the round bale to get it off. It was a huge waste of money for me unfortunately together with a not so bright horse. (id like to mention, the net was tightly fitted to the round bale and was not loose). Store Owner's reply: Sorry to hear you didn't see the warnings on the product page that clearly stated: "6. If your horse wears a rug with belly straps or a halter that has exposed buckles, please be aware that these can catch on the haynet if the horse rubs on or past it. Either secure the haynet in a hay ring or make a velcro cover for the buckles."

These are fantastic!

By: on 24 February 2016
After not having one of these for years, I don't know why I didn't buy one earlier! No more wastage of hay being peed and pooped on and the hay is not scattered everywhere. Very very happy with this product!!!

HaySaver 4cm reduces waste and stops him from over

By: on 29 October 2015
I have bought 2 x 6cm Hay Savers from Natural Horse before. Great for stopping wastage. With the grass growing a bit faster, my STDbred was getting a bit fat. So I purchased the 4cm HaySaver. It slows him down and makes it less enticing for him to stand for hours eating for the sake of it. He is now more likely to go and search for grass. His weight is more reasonable instead of being obese. They stand up to his rough pawing (no shoes), and as he is a 'chewer' of anything and every thing, I have only had to repair two holes. I recommend following instructions...make sure you put out free hay initially next to their haysaver to ensure they don't get frustrated while learning. Now he does not chew the net anymore. My Arab, in contrast, has never chewed through. And his round bales has lasted double the time it used to. So nice to never have soilded hay waste! I don't understand why more people don't have these on their roundbales. When I see them without, I just want to drop a flyer in their letter box. Savers so much $$$.

Round bale hay saver net

By: on 12 July 2015
I purchased this net to use for my two horses. They live out in a paddock full time. There is no paddock feed as our rain fall for the last three years has been very poor so the horses have been hand fed. At first the horses have found the slow feeder frustrating as they haven't been able to gorge the hay. They are now used to it and the round bale should last them around ten days. It was easy to use and I love the fact they have hay 24/7.

An Excellent Haysaver Product

By: on 8 May 2015
I have been feeding large rounds for a while and getting frustrated at the wastage caused by horses pulling bale apart, and destroying good hay by using it as a "toilet" and having hay blown all over the paddocks. So, I bought a Large Round Bale Haynet from Natural Horseworld. It was easy to put onto the bale and secure. The first bale lasted over 3 weeks with 2 large horses eating at it. My usual bale eating time was 1 week then the hay would be damaged and inedible. The net is strong, easy to put on and when bale finished, easy to empty. Hay stays in one place and horses had no issues at eating the hay. Other benefits are that I know the horses have a 24/7 access to good feed which is helping them in our cold winter weather. Also they are calmer as they are not "waiting" for feed times. An excellent product that I recommend to Round Bale users ….

Hay Saver

By: on 15 April 2015
I now have three round bale hay nets and LOVE them . . . keeps wastage to a minimum and the horses 'socialise' around them. Been using them for years. I enjoy the different sizes for different reasons, the half bale size, and the few biscuits size. I have lost count of how many I have, but I netted ten bales yesterday for future use.

Just completed my second order of these great nets

By: on 12 March 2015
I just want everyone to know what a great product these nets really are. I have been using them on my track system for 3 years now and I have just ordered more so I can put out more bales at a time. They last well. My older ones have a few holes now but they are easy to mend. They have saved me a fortune on the cost of my hay as there is absolutely no waste now. Highly recommend to anyone who feeds out round bales.

Love Round Bale Net - no wastage

By: on 4 February 2015
I am very happy with the round bale hay net. I was previously feeding squares in the nets but carting hay each day for three was time consuming and unpleasant in winter so I am now trying round bales. A 4x4 round bale lasts my TB and two ponies a week and there is no wastage, which is great. My TB is very cheeky and can undo the drawstring knot with her teeth - I might have to work on my tying skills to get around that one!

Round Bale Net a winner

By: on 22 December 2014
I hadn't seen a round bale net in action, but have used slow feeder haynets, so I thought it would work. I have 3 horses who have enough sense to stop eating when full and one fat pony who doesn't know when to stop! They have been using the round bale net for a month now there is barely any wastage, after a day or so learning to use the net, they can eat what they need and the pony can't eat herself to death. Very happy with the result.

Love my round bale slow feeder net

By: on 3 August 2014
I don't know why I didn't get one of these earlier. I love it. I find it best to put the net opened over the top of a plastic pallet, then put to Hay roll on that and put the net up over the roll. Otherwise the trying cord gets in the way of hooves. Note from store owner: that's one way of doing it, but ideally, the drawstring would be tied up around the base of the pallet and tucked under it or tied up small so it won't be a problem with the hooves. That way the horses can access the hay better and avoid any frustration (the drawstring end will make the holes bunched closer together and harder to access hay from if it isn't held apart by the bale or a pallet.

Even better than I thought it would be

30 July 2014
Last time I went away & left my two ponies with a 5' round bale, they demolished it in a week & wasted heaps. I have just been away for another week and, with my new net over a 5' bale, the ponies have hardly made a dent in the bale. It keeps them occupied having to pick out the hay instead of gorging themselves, & I am happy because the hay is not being wasted. I really love this net & it is going to make my life so much easier.

Convenient and very economical

By: on 28 July 2014
We used to use square bales, but with three horses it was becoming very time consuming and also very expensive. So we began to use the smaller round bales (4' x 4') which are much more economical but then we also needed some sort of feeder system to stop the hay being dragged around the paddock which were very expensive and negated the round bale savings. We then came upon the Haysaver net, which was much more affordable, which we now tension from the roof of our covered area to keep the net from trailing on the floor as it becomes emptied, and we also stand the hay on a pallet to keep it dry. It can be a one person job with a bit of practice and technique, but I would recommend refilling the net as a two person task. Our hay loss has reduced to about 10% with shorter cut hay, and about 15% for longer stalks (which seem to be more prone to get pulled out and dropped to the ground and not picked up). The net is very strong and well put together and shows no signs of deterioration over the last 3 months from either the horses or from being man-handled when we are moving the bale around by pulling on the net. I would give the net a 5 star rating except for the need for some sort of frame/riser to stop the bale being pulled around and keeping the hay dry - but otherwise a very good and practical product and recommend it 100%.

No more hay spread everywhere!

By: on 27 July 2014
I have a horse who was being fed daily from square bales, last round bale she had was destroyed and spread from corner to corner in a matter of days, with manure all through it- was completely wasted. Now has a net and although the horse wasn't too impressed with it I love it. A bit difficult to try to get on the bale as I have only done it the once so far but I'm sure it will get easier each time I do it. Note from Store Owner: Yes it does get easier, especially if you have someone helping you and are putting it on as shown in the photos on this page :)

Save your round bales from being wasted.

By: on 20 July 2014
I think these are fantastic. A friend bought one for a horse that colicked every time he got a round bale through being a guts. He has not colicked since she bought it and hence has saved her a few vet bills. I noticed that we hardly lost any hay with them so bought some for myself and think we have saved about 4 round bales this season. Have recommended them to others that use round bales.

Handy and Tidy

By: on 2 July 2014
I have two of these now, and I'm very happy with them. They save the hay from being spread out and wasted, and slow down the fatsos from just picking out the good bits. Its a lot easier to put on than I expected it to be, and it doesn't collect smells (I have used another brand of net, and within a few weeks it was really stinky and washing didn't help!). Very happy with them, and the ponies love to rub on them too, so its entertaining as well.

I feel like the odd one out but not totally happy

By: on 6 June 2014
I finally got around to setting out the round bale with the net as I had to go away for a week and wanted to make it easier for my son to feed the horse. He's not horsey and I also wanted him to be safe too. My last bale lasted 5 weeks with hand feeding (maybe I wasn't feeding enough) BUT, this bale only lasted 10 days and they would literally not leave the bale and fed 24/7 as I don't have another area to house them in overnight. I ordered the small net and hoped they would get used to it. Well they have and I guess I have two gorgers. I guess they aren't for everybody or maybe I just need to get them out of the paddock during the night-time but because they want to feed all the time, they don't exercise themselves by going anywhere else in the paddock. I'm got giving up on them but need to put some thought into how to make this work for both of us - they get a good feed and I'm not burning a hole in my pocket. Cynthia's response: Pat sometimes horses will gorge if they have had their feed change from restricted to un-restricted like yours, but once they realise it will always be there (if you keep allowing them to have access to the netted bale), they will self regulate. Getting them to exercise is another matter - try putting the hay as far from the water as possible, or build a track around the paddock so they have to travel further to get their water and shelter. There is an article coming up in my blog later this week that might help you so make sure you sign up for it at

Save on feed bills and vet bills

By: on 30 May 2014
Having used the hay saver net before but only for my fat ponies I now use it for all my horses. Recently a horse cut her eye on the hay because the best hay is always in the middle of the bale. I have spent a-lot of money trying to save her eye. Now every horse on the place is only allowed to eat with a hay saver net so no more hay diving and all eyes are safe.

Hay net

By: on 29 May 2014
The hay is lasting so much longer, horses can not spoil it by poohing in it and scatter it around. saves hand feed several times a day and horses getting grumpy from being hungry. On stormy days, it keeps the hay from blowing away.

Happy Horses

By: on 8 May 2014
Works fantastic, saved so much hay wastage. Horses are really happy.

Easy to use and saved a lot of hay!

By: on 24 March 2014
Simple to put on the bale, seems quite heavy duty, horses certainly had to work harder to get the hay out, there was a noticeable drop in hay consumption.

Really great hay net!

By: on 16 February 2014
I purchased the 6cm hay net for round bales for winter feeding (did not want to slow down the horses' intake too much over the winter -we are in Canada), but wanted to reduce waste. This is really a great product! I also have the 4cm net for summer feeding. Love these haynets - they are great!

Round bale hay net

By: on 28 January 2014
I found this product to be excellent in slowing down the rate of feeding and more importantly stopping the bale from being destroyed in a short time (which they had done previously) and there was virtually no wastage. We rolled the bale onto a pallet with the hay net placed out on it. After cutting off the baling netting we just lifted the hay net up and over the round bale and tightened cord and tied it to the tree. I had tied the bale to a tree with a rope first to help hold its shape and feed the rope thru the net and round the tree. Bale lasted 2 and a bit weeks with 3 big horses grazing on it (virtually no grass in paddock in Jan). As horses are yarded at night I covered the bale with a tarp each night (hooked onto the haynet) just in case it rained!

As usual perfect quality from Naturalhorseworld pr

By: on 24 November 2013
Horses and myself happier than ever , less work for me, unlimited hay for the equines. I like the slow feeder nets because the horses have to work at it, they prefer this, they choose to eat from the nets as opposed to hay on the ground. Horses KNOW whats best for them, slow digestion, healthier horse.

No more waste

By: on 11 September 2013
Round bales last twice as long now - between constant wind and destructive horses we were losing far too much hay. Couldn't be happier - just ordered a second one

Great Product

By: on 13 May 2013
I love the round bale slow feed net. I bought the large round bale with 4cm holes. This has reduced the amount that my mare will eat in a day and also saved me heaps from no hay being blown away. A number of people have commented on what a good idea the bale net is, and have purchased their own nets. Great idea.

Blown Away by the change

By: on 13 May 2013
I purchased a large haynet for my destructive stallion who thinks a big 5 x5 bale of hay is just one big toy. Well its looking very interesting. I put out some loose hay for a few days as you suggested. He now prefers to eat from the net - loose hay no longer required. He seems to be manageing it very well. The BIGGEST surprise is he is so much calmer as well - Don't know if that will last although he has lots and lots of toys. If its not chained or bolted down it becomes a toy or is totally destroyed. I think now it takes much longer to get his hay so keeps him busy longer. Less time to stand around wondering what to do next and less pent up energy. He as learnt to nibble away so delicately at the net - and he was such a gung ho type of horse. At this stage I am just blown away by the change HE IS SO CALM now and the hay is still in one piece, just hoping it is permanant.! He also likes to stand on it like a goat but the net is standing up well to the rough treatment. “

Brilliant Round Bale Nets

By: on 13 May 2013
Hi Cynthia, I now have my 2 5x4 round bale hay nets up and running and they are BRILLIANT! I can't recommend them highly enough. My hay lasts at least twice as long and every scrap of it gets eaten, rather than 25% of it ending up as rubbish. The horses took to it straight away. I haven't had to tie it up or anything either. They just eat it down till its all gone! Thank you so much. OH, also, they are very easy to put on. I wasn't sure if that would be the case. my 'hayman' has been recommending them to other clients, and I have been recommending them to friends. Thanks for a great product. :)

Love Them

By: on 13 May 2013
Bought one large round bale net, and had to get another. No waste and the horses prefer to eat the hay with the net vs. on the ground. No more fighting over food. Love it, and the horses love it.

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