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Greedy Steed 4cm Hole Slowfeed Hay Net

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Greedy Steed hay nets were designed with the good doer in mind. The small holes ensure your horse will be spending more time doing his favourite thing - eating!

Slow feeding is beneficial for all equine’s prone to laminitis, founder, insulin resistance, choke or ulcers. 

  • The smaller holes reduce wastage especially when soaking hay or feeding compressed hay.
  • Great for feeding in wet or windy weather as there is less wastage of your expensive hay.
  • Perfect for ponies, donkeys, goats and alpacas. 




  • 4cm square holes
  • Soft feel knotless braid netting
  • High quality polyester rope drawstring
  • Contrasting colour drawstring
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Biscuit shaped to make loading easier and these Haynet Fillers help with the medium and half bale sizes. 
  • Net colour is black

The medium size fits 1-2 biscuits of hay (depending on how you load it!) and measures 50x60cm (20 x 24"). 
The large size fits 3-4 biscuits of hay and measures 70 x 80cm (28 x 31") so is slightly smaller than the Haysaver Tough Net Mini size. 
The Half Bale size fits 6-7 biscuits of hay and measures 80 x 90 cm (31 x 35"). 

The drawstring is made from polyester rope, the same as used in quality rope halters, which is easy to tie and untie. The drawstrings are long to make tying up a breeze.


Brand Greedy Steed
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

30 Day Warranty on faulty manufacturing. 

Slow Hay Net Feeder

By: on 15 May 2019
As I already have two of these for my float, specifically for travelling, I wanted one that would take a whole bale of hay for the times when the horses must be in a yard and thought I had ordered it. Not quite the size I wanted as it only takes 3 biscuits, although, I can use export hay as my horses prefer this anyway and it may just work. It will need a tray or something similar as the export hay is quite fine and a lot gets lost through the holes of the nets. I shall peruse more closely for a net that will accommodate a whole bale.

4cm Greedy Steed Haynet

By: on 18 February 2019
Love these haynets, super strong with a soft style rope. Easy to fill!!

I think the horses would rate these 5 star

By: on 9 December 2015
I got 4 half bale size so I can hang them. No problems with the shod horse that loves to paw. They hold a lot as I fill from a Large rectangle bale. Filling them up everyday, they are always empty the next day no matter how much I put in. Hope they slow done soon. Even the two month old foal likes them. Well made and soft.

Welsh pony....

By: on 8 December 2015
I should have got the 3cm hole for my welsh pony. He easily sussed out the 4 cm hole and emptied the content in no time! Think 3cm would've been rated higher with suitability to my smart piggy pony! Overall great handy product which I would recommend.

The medium size slow feed nets are great

By: on 2 December 2015
Received you medium sized 4 cm slow feed nets a month ago. The suit me perfectly. Big enough to easily fit a big hay biscuit. Easy to fill and perfect to slow down my horses while eating their evening feed. Two horses adjusted quickly and just go to their net and dig in no swapping to another's feed. They enjoy having a longer feed even though it isn't any larger. My old horse took a bit longer to adjust, perhaps his teeth aren't as good! But he is now quite happy. I adjusted how I load his net, making certain the hay is fluffed out in the net so he can get at the hay. Thanks for a great product.

What a great product!!

By: on 21 June 2015
I have 8 hay savers and I am so impressed I have been saving hay the wastage is down to a minimum. The quality is 100% Very well made and not to mention the fast delivery I am very impressed and will continue to buy your products and to recommend them on to my friends with horses. The horses didnt take long to get the idea either, no hooves caught all very safe.. I and my horses LOVE them. Thankyou so much


By: on 1 May 2015
I love the product but maybe just got a faulty one? The side is blanket stitched together and has become "undone" no doubt by the horses pulling hay out and getting the bag instead but seems it just wasn't finished properly and is unravelling from bottom corner. I have only been using it for about 1-2 weeks. I would re-purchase to give them a second chance.

I love it, my horse doesnt

By: on 19 January 2015
This is my 2nd attempt at these little hay nets. The first ones from another supplier didn't last long at all, with my 17hh piglet eating through it in no time. I like this version, so lets hope it lasts longer than a month. hint: to make it even harder for your piglet to get much feed out at once, hang it from a place where they cant push the bag against anything so it swings with every mouthful. Store Owners comment: This will make it more frustrating for a horse to learn to start with. Some larger breeds may need to learn how to use a slowfeeder net with larger holes like our 6cm Haysaver Tough Net. Then they can progress to smaller holes without destroying it.

comfortable for the horse

By: on 24 September 2014
My painthorse was getting callous on his upper lip from eating out of my homemade 'paddock pillow' which was made from plastic lattice used in gardening. I've found the haynets to be much softer and they do the job of slowing down the rate at which they can eat the hay. Within a week, the callous had healed. I'm very happy.

Great Quality

By: on 6 August 2014
I bought 3 of the haynets as my daughters ponies are little pigs they scoff down their food, the nets have really controlled that issue, I'm going to purchase 3 more, Thanks, highly recommend.

Excellent quality hay net

15 January 2014
I purchased 4 of these and they arrived very quickly! The horses had no trouble learning how to use them and the hay lasts all day! No more wasted hay by throwing it on the ground to get ruined! very good quality too.

The best most durable slow feeder I've used

3 January 2014
This is without a doubt the most durable slow feeder hay net I have used. I purchased 2 of these many months ago and are both are going strong. The latest one I purchased has slightly different rope to tie the net to the post. It is stiffer and has some memory in the rope. I don't like this quite as much as the rope that was used in the first two hay nets but I would still highly recommend. Great product.

What an amazing product and how can anyone be with

By: on 14 May 2013
This hay saver net has saved me money, time and peace of mind already and it’s only been 2 weeks since I have had it. I no longer have to worry about expensive hay being blown around the paddock , or the issues that I had last year with left over hay being trodden into the mud, urinated on and laid on resulting in some nasty respiratory issues that took months to resolve. The hay lasts longer, stays fresher and is naturally rationed out, preventing my boy from gorging himself. It is also the greatest boredom buster he has ever had, providing him with many hours of problem solving and entertainment, especially when he flicks it over the fence and has to work out how to stand on his tippy toes to be able to flick it back. Highly recommended.

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