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HaySaver Knotted Slowfeed Hay Net

6cm hole size

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PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA - 'The original and the best'. Now made with the new 60 ply super tuff netting. 

These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre-stretched UV stabilised, heavy duty ply, polyethylene netting.

The holes are large enough for the horse to get the hay through with less waste (6cm/2" square netting) – making it last longer than when fed loose. Ideal for travelling and older horses who don't need slowing down. These nets can be used at ground level (if your horse is shod enclose the net in a bin) or hanging. 

Warning: The 6cm hole nets are not suitable for small mini ponies/donkeys or foals as their hooves may be small enough to fit through the holes. 


  • If your horse is shod or has splits in their hooves, it's essential to tie the net inside a bin/box so it can't catch on a shoe/torn hoof if they paw at it. 
  • If the net tears (due to catching on something for instance) it can be temporarily mended with some baling twine, then email us for more netting twine.
  • When tying the drawstring, ensure that it is tied tightly with no large loops that a hoof can get caught in. Tie your net away from sharp or protruding objects to reduce wear and tear. 
  • It's also easy to soak hay in the small nets - simply hang up to drain after soaking for a couple of hours (removes harmful sugars/dust). Soaked hay should be fed immediately in warm to hot climates so there isn't time for mold to develop - we recommend only soaking a small net of hay at a time for one horse/pony. 
  • For more info on using Slow Feeder Haynets and feeding systems click here.

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Slowfeeder haynet

  1. Stops hay wastage from trampling in mud, manure, urine, being blown away etc. 
  2. Slows down consumption so the hay last 2-3 times longer and replicates grazing. 
  3. Small net holes means you can fasten the net low (provided your horse is barefoot or the net is inside a container) for a natural grazing position, and can reduce the incidence of choke. 
  4. A full bale or round bale net gives your horse hay 24/7, saving you time on re-fills and keeps your horse calmer and happier.
  5. Hay in the gut 24/7 avoids gut ulcers and colic incidents.
  6. Older horses find it easier to chew small amounts of hay taken from the net. 
  7. Avoid eye injuries from horses putting their heads inside a round bale, or from tossing loose hay about. 




These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre-stretched, UV stabilised 60 ply (tuff) polyethylene netting with a sturdy drawstring.

  • The Small size fits 2-3 biscuits of hay and is ideal for the float/trailer or for goats and sheep. Being smaller, it needs to be hand filled.
  • The Half Bale size fits 4-5 biscuits or half a bale. Has a wide opening to enable easy loading by slipping over the end of an intact bale so you can then cut the bale strings.
  • The Full Bale size fits a whole regular square bale of hay (measures 110cm/44"x38cm/15"x50cm/20"). It can be slipped over the intact bale - remember to remove the bale strings before feeding. 
  • The X-Large 2x1m bale -  fits big rectangular bales that measure 2m x 1m x 1m (approx.7' x 3' x 3').  
  • For Round Bale 4cm and 6cm Nets click here
Brand Haysaver
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

Sorry, we cannot offer a warranty on these nets due to the variables of use/hay and the unpredictable way horses will respond to them.

These are brilliant haynets!

By: on 21 October 2021
These are really excellent haynets, even for my most destructive net-wreckers!! The amount of hay saved compared to loose hay has surely saved us a packet. Highly recommended!

A tough nut/net!

By: on 1 May 2019
My horse had got good at destroying hay nets, as he needed confinement while recovering from a leg injury. The small size Tough Net is ideal fits quarter of a bale easily and the holes are good for slow feeding. This net is standing up to the net eater no problem, built very tough and easier to fill that others Thanks guys


18 March 2019
I have been using the HaySaver Tough Nets for a few months. Absolutely love them! Outstanding quality, easy to fill, and my horse is very content with the 6cm openings. I am a relatively new customer to Natural Horse World, but I am already a loyal, repeat customer! I love everything about this company!


By: on 1 October 2017
I bought this for when I was away with my horse. He was in a small yard with no grass when not riding. I was able to put half a bale of mixed hay in this which gave him 24hrs of hay to pick at.

Great hay net

By: on 14 January 2016
I have now used hay nets for a long time, they are fantastic. I have not yet tried the big net for round bales, as I will get the bales later in the year.

I Wouldn't Be Without It......

By: on 8 January 2015
I have 3 of these (Full Bale). They are wonderful. They save so much hay wastage and spoilage. It keeps them busy for hours too. They are very strong and easy to use. We hang ours against the stable wall so no hay touches the flooring. Best investment.

6cm Haysaver nets

By: on 12 September 2014
I found the new 6cm nets better than the one (4cm) I bought previously.They are bigger and more easy to put the hay bales in. They are also stronger, I think because of the bigger holes, so the horses don't tear the holes. I have not yet tried the ½bale net, but will soon.

"What a functional item!" said the very happy cust

By: on 12 May 2014
Wow. A product that actually does what it claims to do. Thank you very much.

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