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Dura-Tech Stablehand Haynet Filler

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• This StableHand™ hay net filler is like having another set of hands in the stable, garden, or wherever you need to fill a bag.

• Roll the StableHand™ up and place it into the opening of a hay bag, hay net, or whichever bag you want to fill - it will hold the top open for you and upright.

• Simply fill it up and then remove the StableHand™. It is that easy!

• Use it for hay, shavings, manure, grain and garden waste. 

• What a fantastic time-saving idea!

Perfect for the small Haysaver Tough Nets, and large Greedy Steed slow feed hay nets. 


Who knew filling a hay bag could be so neat and easy after all. Roll the hay bag helper up insert it into the hay bag and let it expand. Holds any cloth hay bag or small holed hay net open and makes it free standing. Toss your hay in take the insert out and away you go. This can also be used in trash bags to fill shavings, grain, laundry, recyclables or trash. If the StableHand™ ever loses it's ability to fully spring open, reverse roll once or twice.

Measures  65cm x  95cm.

Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

30 day warranty for manufacturing faults. 

handy tool

By: on 31 July 2023
As someone who owns gusty besties I have to use slow feeder hay nets every day. This is a handy tool to help fill the nets and make my life just that bit easier.

Game changer!

By: on 16 December 2022
This clever idea changed a task I dreaded into one I enjoy! No more struggling to hold open a hay net with one hand and trying to stuff a biscuit of hay in, with it catching on every cord and knot - now it is quick and easy! Saves time and does wonders for my stress levels!

What a brilliant idea!

By: on 3 November 2022
Simply had to contact you and let you know how much I love the Stablehand Haynet Filler. Filling my medium-sized Greedy Steed hay nets last night has never been easier. Love it!

I love the hay net filler.

By: on 12 August 2021
I do 3 small nets each night and the filler makes it so much quicker and easier, with much less swearing!


By: on 13 October 2019
Best purchase ever, should have bought one years ago, highly recommend it!!

Awesome Product

By: on 11 July 2018
OMG!! This makes filling hay nets a breeze especially the smaller nets. Just slide the biscuit/s of hay straight in :)


By: on 21 August 2017
The stablehand haynet filler is an excellent product, makes filling those small mesh hay nets with loose hay so much easier. You just need to remember to roll it into a cylinder before putting it into the hay net! Thanks for stocking this in Australia, couldn't afford to buy it from the US.

Use this with a round tub for SPEEDY net filling!

By: on 8 June 2015
I bought one of these several years ago (from a different site, as they were not available on this one)when I first bought slow feeder nets. It is going great 3 years on. I team it with a couple of larger round flexi style tubs for speedy net filling. I curl the dura-tech inside the net and put it in one tub, fill the net, take out the dura-tech and pop it in the next round tub, so it stays curled up and upright, making it easy to grab for the next hay net. It's now really easy to fill lots of nets at once. Laura

great idea

By: on 6 February 2015
A simple and very effective product that makes filling hay nets so much easier and quicker.

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