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Hay Saver 4cm Tough Net

  • Large Slow Feeder Haynet
  • If your horse has shoes, tie the haynet into a bin like this.
  • For easy filling, slide the net down over the bale (2 small nets fit over 1 bale)
then cut the hay strings.
  • Large and Small Nets
  • Tying the net in a large tyre discourages pawing and reduces waste in windy areas.
  • Tie the net to a tyre so it stays put and has some give/movement to minimize the risk of damage.
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These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre stretched UV stabilised, heavy duty ply, polyethylene netting. The holes are just large enough for the horse to get the hay through without gorging (4cm/1.5" square) – making it last much longer. 
The small holes also suit little ponies - but not reccommended to be left on the ground or tied low for shod horses (the net can catch on the horse shoe). 
The small size fits 4 biscuits/sections of hay and the large fits a whole small square bale. 
Generally, these slow feeder haynets will double or treble the time it takes for the horses to finish the quantity of hay compared to when fed loose. 
www.hoofcareunltd.com is a USA site that has some good info on slow feeding and shows haynets in action. 
If you are in Europe you can get your haynets from the website below.
www.slowfeeding.com gives a comprehensive overview of what works and what doesn’t with slow feeding systems. 

PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA - also ideal for alpacas, sheep and goats. 

These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre-stretched, UV stabilised, heavy duty 48 ply polyethylene netting with a sturdy PE drawstring.

The holes are just large enough for the horse to get the hay through without gorging (4cm/1.5" square) – making it last 2-3 times longer (or more) than when fed loose. The small holes also mean little ponies, foals and minis can't get a hoof through the netting. These nets are designed to be used at ground level. Hanging them will make them harder to empty - a good strategy for small greedy ponies! 

  • The Small(2-3B) size fits 2-3 biscuits of hay and is ideal for the float/trailer or for goats and sheep. Being smaller, it needs to be hand filled.
  • The Half Bale size fits 4-5 biscuits or half a bale. Has a wide opening to enable easy loading by slipping over the end of an intact bale so you can then cut the bale strings (see photos above).  
  • The Full Bale size fits a whole regular square bale of hay (measures 110cm/44"x38cm/15"x50cm/20"). It can be slipped over the intact bale - remember to remove the bale strings before feeding. 
  • The X-Large 2x1m bale -  fits big rectangular bales that measure 2m x 1m x 1m (approx.7' x 3' x 3'). 
  • PLEASE NOTE: - all nets now have a much stronger join with a new technique used to ensure the side seams will not come apart if the joining twine is snagged or chewed through.  
  • For Round Bale Nets click here


  1. If your horse is shod or has splits in their hooves, it's essential to tie the net inside a bin/box so it can't catch on a shoe/torn hoof if they paw at it. 
  2. If the net tears (due to catching on something for instance) it can be temporarily mended with some baling twine, then email us for some free netting twine.
  3. When tying the drawstring, ensure that it is tied tightly with no large loops that a hoof can get caught in. Tie your net away from sharp or protruding objects to reduce wear and tear. It's better to tie the net low on the ground (to a tyre is ideal) so it's easier for your horse to access the hay, especially while learning to use the net. 
  4. It's also easy to soak hay in the small nets - simply hang up to drain after soaking for a couple of hours (removes harmful sugars/dust). Soaked hay should be fed immediately in warm to hot climates so there isn't time for mold to develop - we recommend only soaking a small net of hay at a time for one horse/pony. 

For more info on using Slow Feeder Haynets and feeding systems click here.

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Slowfeeder haynet

  1. Stops hay wastage from trampling in mud, manure, urine, being blown away etc. 
  2.  Slows down consumption so the hay last 2-3 times longer and replicates grazing. 

  3. Small net holes means you can fasten the net low (provided your horse is barefoot or the net is inside a container) for a natural grazing position, and can reduce the incidence of choke. 
  4. A full bale or round bale net gives your horse hay 24/7, saving you time on re-fills and keeps your horse calmer and happier.
  5. Hay in the gut 24/7 avoids gut ulcers and colic incidents.
  6. Older horses find it easier to chew small amounts of hay taken from the net. 
  7. Avoid eye injuries from horses putting their heads inside a round bale, or from tossing loose hay about. 

Go to the video tab above to see how the horses graze with the net. 


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Product Reviews

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  1. My horses love it

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2014

    No more boredom in the paddock after having gorged all the hay & then nothing to eat all day. Now my horses pick at their hay nets & it is much better for them. As long as they know that the hay is always available, they don't pig out like they used to. I will never feed hay any other way again.

  2. Great purchase

    Posted by Eve on 2nd Jul 2014

    I have a square bale size for if I'm away for a couple of days so my neighbour doesn't have to worry about feeding, and 2 of the large size of which my mare gets one in the morning and one in the evening. After the first couple of days when she was determined to empty them asap (they stood up to the rough treatment well!), she now spends an hour at the net, then loafs for a bit, wanders around and nibbles at the almost non existent winter grass - and then comes back for some more and makes one net last for 5 or 6 hours. So they really do replicate grazing behaviour as long as consistently filled.

  3. Perfect!

    Posted by Jan Dodds on 30th May 2014

    These nets are getting better and better! I have MANY of them in all sizes for different reasons and seasons, and I would not be without them. The most recent (hay bale size) is bigger than ever to make it so easy to fit a whole bale in, and the quality of the material is excellent.

  4. excellent

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2014

    I got several of those. Perfect to keep horses from eating too fast. Also very sturdy and horses can be fed from ground.

  5. Slow Feeder Haynet

    Posted by Mrs Dale Fitz-Gerald on 24th Nov 2013

    The slow feeder haynet is great for my stallion as it helps the boredom factor. I am realising all the good points so won't bore you by repeating the same however something to note... my 29yo gelding appeared a bit sore after the first 2 days, I guessed the different mouth motion (he's always fed from the ground) may have just made his muscles tire .. a couple of days alternating net and straight off the ground and he's been right since, it's great!

  6. perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2013

    This slow feeder haynet is strong durable and easy to use the new tie is much better than in the older version and has no signs of wear
    I thought I would be given extra material to mend possible holes with however none came in the package but up to now I have no use for it my horse hasn't managed to nibble any holes into it yet
    It keeps my hose occupied for hours and is good for both his mind and his body he is much calmer having something to nibble at day and night

  7. Stabling at Competitions Made Easy!

    Posted by Phil on 5th Nov 2013

    Our horses live in nice big paddocks at home and we hate stabling them at competition venues nearly as much as they hate being confined! We love the hay net because they have constant grazing available in their stall. Boredom behaviour disappeared right from the first use of the net. We put a loose biscuit in the corner to avoid frustration as per the directions, they ate half of that and then left it to go pick from the hay net! Very pleased with the results. Couldn't recommend the product highly enough.

  8. Never putting hay out without nets again

    Posted by Anja on 20th Sep 2013

    I am very pleased with my nets. The herd accepted them without any problems and we have so much less wastage. Gone are the days of hay been blown away by the wind or it being trampled into the mud. The herd is so much calmer,less frantic at feeding time. Thank you Cynthia for all your advice on how to put them out. The best solution we have found for our conditions are to attach the nets to tyres with rims still in them.

  9. Slow Feed Haynet - Brilliant!

    Posted by Theresa on 30th Jul 2013

    I am very pleased with this product. I have been using it for some time now and it is still in an as new condition. My horse has not been able to destroy it no matter how hard she tries! Even though the holes look small she is able to get out every last bit of hay and there is minimal wastage. She is now a happy horse busily grazing away at her hay for hours rather than scoffing it all down at once. Great product, highly recommend it!!

  10. Best hay feeder EVER

    Posted by Fran on 28th Jul 2013

    I LOVE this product. I brought a small one for my mini and large for my bigger horse. It keeps them busy for hours, and despite looks they don't struggle with the small holes. It's so tough too! I'm buying two more and a large round bale one as well!!! Fran.

  11. Exceeded my expectations

    Posted by Tanya Bawden - In Stryde Hoof Care on 20th Jun 2013

    I will never go back to my old hay bags & hay nets since I have started using my Hay Saver Tough Nets. My wastage of hay has reduced dramatically and the horses are spending more time "grazing" on their hay. I find I am actually feeding less, and horses look better. Great product that I am recommending to all my clients

  12. A great product that saves me time and money.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2013

    I love my new hay saver nets. I have 9 horses and I like to use round bales to give them access to hay at lib but in the past there has been a lot of hay wasted. With horses gorging on more then they need, treading it into the mud, it blowing away and them urinating and pooing all over it I estimated that they waste nearly one third of each bale. With the nets on they have slowed down consummation and it stays contained. They are not treading all over it, spreading it or pooing or weeing on it any more and when the wind blows it stays put. They eat all of the hay until the net is completely empty and there is no more waste. Where in the past there would be a foot of ruined hay left on the ground, there is now hardly any trace of where it has been. I smile every time I walk past them happily munching from there hay nets.

  13. Performs better than expected

    Posted by Steve on 2nd Jun 2013

    The holes in the netting appear too small but they work a treat. It fits over the square bale really well and my goats can't scatter and squander the bale like they used to. A bales lasts my 3 goats a week.

  14. Slow Feed Haynets

    Posted by Julia Leslie on 12th Apr 2013

    These hay nets changed my horses. They would vacuum their food within minutes. Now they take their time and have hay all day, they are calmer and slimmer :)

  15. Slow Feed Haynet

    Posted by Sam Naidu on 11th Apr 2013

    Hi Cynthia, I now have my 2 5x4 round bale hay nets up and running and they are BRILLIANT! I can't recommend them highly enough. My hay lasts at least twice as long and every scrap of it gets eaten, rather than 25% of it ending up as rubbish. The horses took to it straight away. I haven't had to tie it up or anything either. They just eat it down till its all gone! Thank you so much. OH, also, they are very easy to put on. I wasn't sure if that would be the case. my 'hayman' has been recommending them to other clients, and I have been recommending them to friends. Thanks for a great product. :)

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