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Mycosorb A+ Toxin Binder


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Are you concerned about unseen mould in your hay or a fungus outbreak in your pasture?
For example from Paspalum ergot fungus or certain strains of endophyte perennial Ryegrass.
Does your horse show symptoms of ryegrass staggers (loss of muscle coordination, trembling, anxious behaviour)? 
Then consider a toxin binder - we recommend Mycosorb A+. 

Ryegrass, Paspalum and others are known for causing photosynthesis action.
Symptoms are sunburn and blistering of pink skin on faces and legs (ie; greasy heel or mud fever). 
When an animal consumes a plant or chemical with these pigments (e.g., polyphenolic), they circulate to the skin where they're exposed to UV light and cause oxidative injury to skin cells. Liver damage in a horse might not be noticed until the animal develops photosensitisation. 

Mycosorb A+® reduces the threat of mycotoxins in animal feed and has other advantages, including:

  • Contributes to managing the impact of mycotoxins.
  • Supports immune function.
  • Binds mycotoxins without binding nutrients
  • Excretion of toxins via the faeces

The unique technology behind Mycosorb A+® makes it the most advanced mycotoxin binder on the market.

Safe for laminitic prone or insulin-resistant (IR)/elevated insulin horses.
Mycosorb A+ can be fed with any of the mineral mixes, Equine Amino, Mov-Ease, Hydrate Support and Diamond V XPC.

Please Note: we cannot ship this product outside of Australia. 


Comes in a 2kg bag.

Feeding rate (per day):

Mix with a damp feed. Ideally, divide the amount between meals if feeding more than once per day.
The standard dose for a 500kg horse - 10 g per day (2 g per 100kg)

High rate dose for a 500kg horse - 20 g per day (4 g per 100kg)

Mycosorb A+® reduces the risk of mycotoxins to an animal’s body by the process of adsorption. In the case of Mycosorb A+®, adsorption is the process by which carbohydrate components of yeast and algae cell walls bind to mycotoxins, removing them from the animal’s digestive tract.

The majority of Mycosorb A+® is a specific strain of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 
As well as containing yeast, Mycosorb A+® also contains algae. The algae are heterotrophic and are also grown under specific conditions to produce specific carbohydrates for the adsorption of mycotoxins. 
Alone, algae have adsorption properties, however, it is capable of targeting different mycotoxins to the yeast. Therefore, by combining the two, an even larger range of mycotoxins are able to be absorbed.

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One very Happy customer

By: on 11 June 2024
The product is awesome and the horses have no problem taking it

Toxin binder - the real deal!

By: on 24 November 2023
I use micosorb toxin binder for all of my horses. I have bought from many other places claiming it to be Altech Micosorb A... but it's not. I can tell because of the very distinct smell. So if you are wanting the Altech product, buy it here!

Mycosorb A+ Toxin Binder

By: on 1 April 2023
My gelding's scoury pooh settled remarkably quickly since the introduction of Mycosorb A+ toxin binder into his diet. We're in the middle of a big wet season so lots of seeded grass with probable mycotoxins present.

Superior toxin binder

By: on 12 December 2022
although i am working on pasture improvement my paddocks do contain rye grass and a certain amount of weeds that at certain times of the year produce fungus spores and othe toxins which can lead to sensitivity /staggers etc. I always remove my horses from the affected paddocks as soon as I notice early symptoms and as well have been using a toxin binder that appears to be predominantly clay based. This product is far superior, since using I have not noticed any symptoms or changes in behaviour, and have not needed to remove my horses from any of the usual paddocks. I will definitely continue to use Mycosorb A+, and give it an A+ as a toxin binder.

Mycosorb A

By: on 19 June 2020
I have fed this product at different times to one of the horses who has white patches of hair as in blaze and socks where the unpigmented skin can come up with scabs or looking like it is lightly scratched from something. After including the Mycosorb A in the diet the skin appears to be healthier. I am therefore presuming toxins in the feed may be the cause of the skin sensitivity. This product from Natural horse world is a great price and the service, from ordering off the website to a quick delivery through the post was more than satisfactory :) I will order again without hesitation.

Mycosorb A+

By: on 27 February 2020
Amazing results within a week! Super happy!

Mycosorb A+

By: on 23 February 2020
I love this product and would have no hesitation in recommending it as a superior toxin-binder. Any problems we have had with allergies and 'head shaking' have resolved since using Mycosorb A+. The only thing (and it's pretty minor!) that could be improved about my latest purchase is the resealable plastic bag it came in with a double reseal strip. Since opening it I haven't been able to seal it at all!! I don't remember the previous packages being a problem.

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