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Revealing Your Hidden Horse Book

A revolutionary approach to understanding your horse

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This is the book your horse wants you to read.

Its revolutionary approach to understanding horses, horse training and horse care explores traditional and popular paradigms currently in use and tests them against a new 21st century model.

This model results in happier human interactions with horses, vastly improved relationships with horses, and most importantly, much healthier horses.

Cynthia Cooper says: "I class this book as one of my all time favourites – it is a great read but more importantly, it defines how horsemanship has developed over the centuries to reach the point we’re at today, then gives a road map for the future."

"I found by understanding the four models of horsemanship I then understood how horsemanship (and the way I relate to my horses) has changed and grown. This validates our progress without making us feel wrong, and shows the next step forward. The four models Mark so beautifully defines (I believe he is the first to describe it this way) are:

  1. The Utility Model
  2. The Anthropomorphic Model
  3. The Natural Horsemanship Model
  4. The Natural Horse Keeping Model

These are supplemented by detailed chapters on The Environment, What is a Track System, Control and Communication, Positive Reinforcement Training and Relationships then Great Questions, Great Answers".

“For more than a thousand years humans have taken the things they wanted from the horse. The 21st century is our chance to give something back.”  Most of us are on the way to making that change by choosing to look at more modern ways of communicating with and training our horses. “Natural Horsemanship is a huge step in the right direction and in many ways it is the forerunner of what is to come. I think of these systems as a progressive stop on the journey to understand horses rather than a destination in themselves.” - Mark Hanson (Author). 

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Quality softbound 6 x 9" (15x23cm) book of 196 pages. 

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Best Christmas Present ever!

By: on 22 January 2019
Wow, every single person who has ANYTHING to do with horses should have this book. It's challenging but the best book yet to put the horse and human where the normal place is!! I only wish I had read the book when I was a small child years ago!!! Still it's never too late I guess and it will improve your horses' lives.

Good to read about a way of keeping horses that is

By: on 7 March 2015
I have very much enjoyed Mark Hanson's book 'Revealing Your Hidden Horse' but that's probably because we have ended up keeping our horses in a natural horse keeping way, having moved away almost immediately from the utility model after we got Murphy into the natural horsemanship model, which we then moved away from because of the amount of positive punishment/negative reinforcement. We've never been anthropomorphic. The book did remind me not to coerce as I can get into this habit and I have been actively working on not doing so since I read the book a number of months ago. I recommend this product.

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