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Treeless Saddle pad helps high withered horses.

Author: Cynthia Cooper   Date Posted:25 September 2015 

I've always recommended using a cotton saddle pad under the LightRider Bareback Pad to keep it clean, and finally, our own saddle pad is available at a very affordable price in comparison to others in the market. 

One of the main reasons for needing to use a treeless pad under a bareback pad, is to relieve pressure for high withered horses. Horses with a high wither or under developed topline may benefit from the extra foam inserts either side of the backbone that provide a channel. This keeps direct pressure on the spine to a minimum. 

For rounder horses or those with a low wither, the inserts can be removed to allow a closer contact. Or, if you want to ride for longer periods and need the extra padding, then leave the inserts in.  

And of course, these treeless saddle pads work equally well with regular saddles for high withered horses, and for all treeless saddles that require a channel along the backbone which most do.  

The cotton Treeless Saddle pad is designed to match the LightRider Bareback Pads. It has pockets either side of the spine with foam inserts that can be left in for horses with high withers or poor muscling, or removed for rounder horses. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Keeps your bareback pad clean - washable cotton.
  • Velcros to D rings - keeps them together - no slipping.
  • Removeable 20mm (3/4") foam inserts for use with high withered horses & treeless saddles.
  • Lightweight and durable. 
  • Affordable at $79 (most treeless pads are upwards of $200). 

They come in black and brown and in 2 sizes - regular and small to match the bareback pad sizes. 

Regular is 58cm/23" along the spine and will fit treeless, stock and half breed saddles, while the small is 51cm/20" so fits dressage and english style saddles.  Pictured below with the red LightRider Bareback pad

To see more images or purchase yours click here now.

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