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New LightRider Bitless Bridle Chinstrap Cover

Author: Cynthia Cooper   Date Posted:8 August 2017 

The new LightRider Chinstrap cover is made from soft neoprene to keep the chinstrap buckle secure and padded.

I’m always working towards improving the LightRider products and a chinstrap cover is the latest update.

The new LightRider Chinstrap cover is made from soft neoprene.

This neoprene cover helps keep the buckle more secure, and your horse even more comfortable.

You can use it with the smooth or textured side facing out, and its weight assists the chinstrap to release and return to neutral (when light reins are also used).

Neoprene was chosen for its softness and is easy to clean and dry.

Extra Padding
It can also be used to pad another part of the bridle like the middle of the noseband, or over the noseband buckle.

They are just AUD$3.00 each with free shipping – get yours now and while you’re there, have a look at the lovely range of LightRider Bitless Bridles like the English Euro below.
All bridles and bitless nosebands now come with the chinstrap cover fitted.

Why a webbing chinstrap? 
The main reason is soft webbing bends around the noseband rings when pressure is applied to the reins, and this stops the strap from further tightening.

Most horses don’t appreciate pressure that keeps increasing, so its important to have a point where it stops.
When a horse doesn’t fight pressure they learn to ‘give’ to the rein for a release of the chinstrap.

If the chinstrap is made of leather or rope, it doesn’t bend around the ring enough to lock, so keeps tightening down on the horse’s nose.
Imagine how that would feel?
It could turn a gentle piece of equipment into a severe one.

You could try it out – have someone put pressure on the reins of your LightRider bitless bridle with your finger under the noseband and another under the chinstrap. You’ll feel most of the pressure is on the top of the nose, with very little under the chin beyond being snug.

This makes the LightRider Bitless Bridles unique in their ability to offer a close, gentle connection that enhances signals for the horse, so you can be lighter with your rein aids.
See how well your horse responds by trying one yourself – you’ve got nothing to lose with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Read what others are saying in the product reviews listed with each bridle in the online store.

Happy horses in their versatile LightRider Natural Bitless bridles – perfect for the trail. (Photo by Glenn Wilson).

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