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Greedy Steed 3cm Hole Hay Net

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Greedy Steed Premium nets are made from polypropylene with a polyester drawstring. 

Greedy Steed hay nets were designed with the good doer in mind.
The smaller 3cm holes ensure your mini, pony or net savvy horse will slow down their hay consumption to be more like grazing.  

Slow feeding is beneficial for any equine’s prone to laminitis, founder, insulin resistance, choke or ulcers. 

The smaller holes reduce wastage especially when soaking hay or feeding compressed hay. Great for feeding in wet or windy weather as there is less wastage of your expensive hay.

Also perfect for donkeys, goats and alpacas. 




  • The drawstring is made from polyester rope, the same as used in quality rope halters, which is easy to tie and untie. The drawstrings are long to make tying up a breeze.
  • 3cm square holes
  • Soft feel knotless braid netting
  • Contrasting colour drawstring
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Biscuit shaped to make loading easier - small and large size easier to fill with the Haynet Filler. 
  • Net colour is green

The large size fits 3 biscuits of hay and measures 70 x 80cm (28 x 31") so is slightly smaller than the Haysaver Tough Net Small size. 

The medium size fits 1 biscuit of hay and measures 55 x 60cm so is ideal for small/mini ponies, alpacas, goats and sheep.

Brand Greedy Steed
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

30 Day Warranty

Greedy Steed slow feeder net (half bale)

By: on 10 May 2021
I bought two of these and I love them! Perfect for the miniature horse who is prone to laminitis! Saves a lot of wastage also. Very prompt and helpful service from Cynthia.

Great product

By: on 23 June 2020
Excellent size holes for my greedy horse and my mini. Not much wastage and they are busy for a long time. I also like the rectangular design, easier to put hay biscuits in.


By: on 10 October 2019
Very durable hay net, it is also easier to fill than some other brands. Suits both, my Arab and mini.

Great hay net

By: on 5 November 2018
My mother in law breeds minis and loves this net, it suits so well with the small holes and she absolutely loves the fact that the net is square which makes it a lot easier to get a biscuit of hay inside.

Greedy Steed with 3 cm openings

By: on 23 June 2018
This is the net I use I every day with my two geldings. They are very adept at pulling hay out of even very small openings, so this net slows them down, and the hay lasts much longer. Saves money in less wasted hay ( essentially none !) and they horses love eating out of this net. Even my horse who is often impatient or frustrated around food, eats happily out of this net. I like the smaller opening especially

Greedy Steed Nets are Wonderful

By: on 10 March 2018
Love these new nets! After using slow feeding for nets for years, my herd needed the smaller squares to slow them down again. These new nets have a wide opening that makes filling them very easy. Durable and dried quick after being rained on, couldn't be happier with this new design.

great product.

20 March 2016
is super tough for greedy inquisitive ponies but they can untie the rope and sometimes the bag is missing after I meticulously tied it to a tyre. Maybe the ponies are too smart and greedy.

Greedy feeder haynet!

By: on 18 February 2015
Really impressed with the greedy feeder hay net, lasts all night in the stable & no hay wastage scattered all over the floor. Great for reducing boredom as it lasts for hours.

Finally a sturdy net

By: on 5 February 2014
Excellent net for my ponies. Very sturdy with drawstring, just stuff with hay, attach a snap and hang up. I thought it was reasonably priced as well.

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