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Equine Shield Analgesic Wound Gel

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Equine Shield Analgesic Wound Gel has been formulated to effectively reduce nerve injury pain in fresh wounds, to encourage superior tissue repair whilst sealing the wound. It also acts to prevent insect strike in healing tissue. 

It contains natural clays and mineral salts to provide an astringent action, to encourage rapid cellular granulation and thus improve tissue re-growth. Comes in a 125ml bottle with applicator cap. 

  • Australian green clay provides good wound detoxification and provides good material for wound granulation and tissue re-growth. 
  • Clove Bud essential oil is an effective topical analgesic used for pain relief. 
  • Ellagic Acid is a naturally sourced blood coagulation agent as used in hospital laboratories for congealing fresh blood. 
  • Citronella essential oil is anti-bacterial and antiseptic. 
  • Peppermint Menthol provides astringent, anti-inflammatory and topical pain relief. 
  • Ginger root is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and wound healing. 
  • Clove, Citronella, Menthol and Ginger are all effective natural insect and fly repellants. 
  • Alum (aluminium sulphate) is astringent, encourages clots to form rapidly and thus prevents excessive blood loss. 
  • Potassium Permanganate, commonly called Condys Crystals, has been historically used for effective wound healing and disinfection. 
  • Also contains water, ethanol, castor oil, xantham gum and thymol. 

    "I have been testing this product for a month now with an excellent result. Fantasy has inherited her mum's deep heel bulbs that had become infected with thrush/canker and although I'd tried many different treatments (Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula and more) with no success. 
    As you can see from the before photo (on the left) – it was ugly. The heel bulbs had a cleft that was over 2cm deep on her worst hoof and less so on the other 3 hooves.
    After cleaning with a baby wipe pushed right into the heel cleft, I applied the Analgesic Wound Gel daily for the first week then every second day for the next 3 weeks. As you can see from the after photo, the results were a healed, clean heel. And best of all, its has stayed thrush free since, despite all the wet weather and mud we now have." Cynthia Cooper - Natural Horse World. 

    fantasyheelbefore.jpg fantasyheelafter.jpg


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Excellent Product

By: on 20 August 2012
I have an 18 year old gelding with Cushings. In March last year he developed a sub-mandibular abcess that has proved to be resistant to treatment. Antibiotics managed to reduce the size of it but it just wouldn't heal. Over the last 18 months I have tried so many different remedies that I've lost count. Nothing worked. I have long been a fan of Cynthia's products and when I saw this I thought I might as well give it a go. I have applied it on average twice a week for the last 4-6 weeks and I am amazed & happy to report that the abscess is no more. I couldn't be happier with this product. Oh & it smells nice too!

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