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Hoof - Sole - Hide Ointment

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Aids in the protection and maintenance of:

  • hoof soreness and soft soles - bandage or hoof boot application
  • white-line separation and thrush                                                                                     
  • soothing relief for overworked hooves
  • greasy heel/scratches
  • new and old skin and heel conditions                               
  • water resistant                                                                      
  • repels flies   
  • all-natural ingredients 

"I have used Equiheal Ointment for treating horses with a variety of skin and hoof disorders.

I have found it to be a very effective product, and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone thinking of using it for any of the following skin or hoof disorders.

Greasy Heel, Non-specific Dermatitis, Thrush, Seedy Toe, Hoof Soreness, Cuts and Abrasions."

Toby Ryan, BSC BVMS
Equine Veterinarian Surgeon



Contains a blend of natural ingredients infused with lanolin, sulfur, camphor, eucalyptus oil, and selected clays.

Directions for use:

Skin (incl. proud flesh) & Greasy Heel:

  • Cleanse and dry the affected area thoroughly.
  • Stir with finger to soften ointment then apply in a circular motion leaving a light cover.
  • Apply once daily or as required. Bandaging may assist with some applications.
  • To control proud flesh apply to the wound edges until the flesh has filled in then apply all over the wound. 

Hoof Soreness and Soft Soles

  • Use a bandage or Hoof Boot 
  • Cleanse and dry hoof thoroughly. Stir with finger to soften ointment then apply a thick cover to the sole and frog areas. Then cover with paper, cloth, or cotton wool and bandage or cover with a hoof boot.
  • Apply daily or as required.

White-Line/Seedy Toe and Thrush Application

  • Pare away any crumbly or soft affected areas. Thoroughly clean and cleanse hoof. Apply an even cover of ointment to the required area. Check daily and re-apply when and whilst required.
  • Consult veterinarian or farrier if required.

Hoof Syringe Application (Easy access for difficult areas)

  • Stir and soften ointment, then pack syringe with ointment and squeeze into gaps.
  • If required add a minimal amount of vegetable oil to the ointment and stir.

Under Shoe White-Line Protection Application

  • Cleanse and dry white-line area. Apply ointment in a circular motion leaving a light cover and then fit the shoe.
  • Nail Holes & Hoof Cracks: Cleanse then rub ointment into the nail holes & hoof cracks this will assist in the protection against the invasion of bacteria & fungi of the hoof.

Hoof Health: Hoof Dressing and Frog, Sole and Thrush Protection

  • Massage ointment right around the coronary band leaving a light cover. Cleanse and dry the frog and sole then massage ointment into the frog and sole paying special attention to thrush prone areas leaving a light cover. Apply once weekly or as required.
  • Brush Application: Add a minimal amount of vegetable oil to the ointment and stir in well for easy application. Stir now and then.                                                                            

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