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Bitless Riding Basics DVD

by Cynthia Cooper

Rated 4/5 based on 9 reviews.
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This DVD is one of the first dedicated to the basics of riding bitless. Whether you are starting a young horse or transitioning an older horse, the process shown in these DVD's will keep you safe and ensure you have maxiumum control.

Cynthia teaches with the use of positive reinforcement, combined with natural horsemanship techniques that any horse and rider can easily learn. 

Bitless Riding Basics features 4 hours of footage filmed at a clinic with Cynthia Cooper in Australia. Topics covered include: 

  • Styles, selection and fitting of bitless bridles
  • Rythmic pressure simulation
  • Teaching using positive reinforcement (including treats)
  • How to get your horse to lift their head off the grass!
  • Lateral Flexion (from the ground and in the saddle)
  • The hindquarter yield (ground and riding)
  • The back up (ground and riding)
  • How to stop, and going forwards (ground and riding)

View this clinic as the observers did on the day - if you want a fast paced tightly edited DVD then you will need to wait for the next one Cynthia produces! 

Minimal editing of the clinic footage means you get to see the whole learning process as 10 different horses present their individual issues. You will also hear many snippets of Cynthia's ideas on teaching horses throughout the DVD. 

Read more about Cynthia Cooper and her skills as an educator/horsewoman here.  


This DVD is recorded for all regions, but is in PAL format which all computers (with a DVD player) will play, and most newer TV's/DVD players will. 

If your country uses the NTSC format, we would suggest that you check your DVD Player manual to see if it is capable of playing the Pal Format also.

You can see which countries support the PAL format here. 


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Loved this video

By: on 13 January 2017
Watching this video made me want to be at the workshop. There is so much in it. It's amazing how gentleness can create a willing partnership.

A must have DVD for anyone transitioning to bitles

By: on 8 October 2014
Information in this DVD was excellent and covered some very important basics in horsemanship. I would recommend this DVD to anyone interested in trying a bitless bridle.Yes the video could have been shot better but this is a minor fault as the DVD is a bargain price.

Great DVD worth watching several times

By: on 13 March 2014
So many things come up in these two DVDs, some of them new things to try, Some reminders of the basics that are all too easy to forget in the rush to 'get ahead'. Cynthia has a lovely style of teaching, always present, understanding, encouraging and above all noting the horse's point of view as her starting point. I got a LOT out of the DVDs.

Does the job

By: on 1 December 2013
All of the information for starting out with the LightRider bridle is included in this "Clinic Video" Perhaps a "Review Chapter" could be added to the end incorporating all of the highlights that need to be taken 'into the field' when you're working with your horse.

Bitless Bridle Video

By: on 22 May 2013
I do love the product and I use the bitless noseband on a Parelli Cradle Headstall and love it...and so does my horse. What was covered in the video was good and I did learn a lot from it but I suggest looking at the Parelli education videos for how a professional video should be done. Yours was very amaturish. There was a complete lack of enthusiasm by the presenter and someone should tell the person shooting the video never shoot into the sun. At one point the presenter was completely obliterated by the background light coming through the barn door. I would have liked to see closeups of one person being shown how to do what was being demonstated, except where it would be beneficial to see numerous riders and horses reactions, rather than a whole class where horses and people got in each other's and the camera's way. There was good advice and information but It got boring waiting to have a whole class do what was being taught. It should be planned out how best to show what is being taught and not just shoot a clinc. Reply from Cynthia: Thanks for your feedback Barb. I would love to have the budget the Parelli's have for making a DVD and would then need to charge like - them $129 for a 2 hour video - not $49/ $29 for 4 hours. I do state that the video was filmed at a clinic. It is the best I can do at the moment as no-one else has a DVD on biltess riding specifically, and I wanted to make the information (which as you say is good) available. I'm looking at re-editing or re-filming in the future, but this will be some time away as I have many other projects on too.

Highly Recommended

By: on 26 April 2012
I have just watched Cynthia's DVD and highly recommend it. Takes the guess work out of it and Lots of great info and advice. Thanks Cynthia!

Finally sitting down to say THANKYOU!

By: on 20 March 2012
The Bitless Basics DVD you sent is the best I've ever watched and imparts so much knowledge and practical advice! Of course I am now a total convert to bitless and what a wonderful thing I feel I've done for our beloved horses... Alexa showed off her new english bitless bridle at Team Penning yesterday, and we had lots of comments on how soft and responsive she was!

Learnt so much

By: on 4 February 2012
I am in the middle of watching your DVD and have learnt so much already. I wish they would teach all this in riding schools. Because of the slow pace of the DVDs, I am able not only to see the correct way of communicating with each horse but also the incorrect ways. This is really important because I can compare how you are doing it with the way your pupils are doing it and not getting it quite right (just as I would be doing). I can also see clearly how horses with different temperaments and different physiological issues react and how to overcome those specific problems. Because it lets me put myself mentally in your place and also in the place of your pupils as they try to "get" what you are asking them to do, I find myself improving in my head how I would be doing it myself if I was actually there doing it with you (for example, lifting the rein instead of just pulling back). My husband had thought the DVD was quite expensive but I can see that it is not just a promotional DVD for a product but is the equivalent of months of riding lessons (but much, much better). So many things I have been taught in the past have felt wrong and now I know they are wrong. It's a relief!

Love the DVD

By: on 22 December 2011
DVD has arrived and I have watched it several times already. Love it! I have been riding my boy in a cross over style bitless bridle for about eight years now and he goes well in it but I learnt a lot from your DVD. Also I will be getting a new horse after Christmas who has only ever been ridden in a bit and I feel more confident about changing her to bitless after watching your DVD

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